Baron Chronicles

Baron Chronicles

After fleeing Lincoln in the mid 1990s Baron Curfew spread his wings and decided to take on the might of Deutschland and the former East Germany at that. Only five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the good Baron took himself and a band of 'not so merry men' into the city of Leipzig...

Pictured is the town hall in the centre of the city, extensively refurbished by Baron Curfew in order to house the group of 'workers'

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  • And a superb building it is. 😀

  • Great picture! Encourages me to visit one day......

    Barom Curfew was a brave man travelling to beyond the demolished Berlin Wall to entertain the locals! A surprise I guess!😄

  • Cracking job you have done there, how are you fixed for building me a summer house?😉

    Actually not much point in that is there? I forgot for a second that I live in Scotland!!! 😄

    Lovely place is Germany, I really loved my time there.

  • Lovely country, nice folk there too.

  • A country I still have to visit (does Alsace nearly count?). I am sure there is more to it than Bier and Schnorkers...

  • Well, there wasn't when I was there :)

    But seriously, yes there is, I loved it there and probably would have stayed, but...

  • an answsome buliding

  • His Lordship obviously not one for half measures then.

    And any frauleins to keep him company in that great expansive property ? xx

  • Sadly not, no. Just work really while I was there. Oh, and taverns :)

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