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Baron Chronicles 2

Baron Chronicles 2

Pictured is Sankt Elizabeth Krankenhaus in the suburbs of Leipzig. Built in the 1930's and extensively refurbished in the 21st century. The hospital was built and went on to serve the communist East Germans throughout the duration of the cold war.

In December 1994 the hospital sprung to action when Baron Curfew bungee jumped on a building site without actually attaching the elastic to his ankles. And in the hospital he remained for ten weeks, largely asleep while a myriad of British visitors baffled the Germans with their crazy language.

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I'm glad they let you stay long enough to become the witty bloke you are today 😉

Did you get black bread and green tea? It seems to be a favourite in the krankenhaus!


To be honest, I barely remember any food at all, I just recall asking for,

'coffee, schwarz, bitte' every single day

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I have one tiny vague memory of some worried looking nurse asking if I wasn't hungry as I hadn't eaten, I don't think I ate much at all in StGeorges I certainly lost a stone or so.

but for a quite a while all I wanted to do was sleep.


have you ever gone back, it's funny I pass where I had the accident most days and don't think twice about it.

But am much more about StGeorges where I was taken to, though I only stayed a few days before being released into my wife's care she took time off/worked from home for a while.


Yeah, I went back to thank the staff a year to the day following the accident. It was quite an emotional day, a release too...


So that would be the actual rescue helicopter which flew his lordship to safety ?

I still have great emotional attachment to Salford Royal where I was treated. I was back there a couple of weeks ago taking part in a trial and, although the trial itself wasn't pleasant, it felt good to be 'back'.

I put on over a stone in there because the food was pretty special so, after becoming compass mentis, I ate everything they put in front of me.

But I suspect it was a new slim-lined baron who emerged from Sankt Elizabeth. :-/


I came home, in the words of my brother, 'looking like an Ethiopian refugee'.

The food in Sankt Elizabeth was typical East German fare, uncooked meats, sauerkraut, more bread than Warburtons and simple inedible crap really. It was not pleasant, or so I'm told. I was skin and bone on my return to Blighty


Well, as you know I read your book, and that was the strong impression you gave..................a cultural thing I suppose. But I bet a bacon sarnie never tasted so good once you got home ! x


To this day I NEVER take a bacon sarnie for granted!


:D xx


I also read your book but I'm afraid I have only scetchey memory of its content.

Like you were in Germany, you fell down a hole in a house you were working on you were hospitalised in Germany and you we're in a ward.

I read it cover to cover and all I can do is give a blurb!

I know there was a lot of talk about the ward goings on, does a clock feature? Or am I making it up.

Gosh I do feel bad 😳

I had some cracking food when I lived in Germany I just wish they had made some for the hospitals!


You're almost right...

There was no clock, anywhere. I think I dedicated a page to the importance of knowing what the time is when you're stuck in a foreign hospital with nobody to talk to


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