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Just an update

An update on the painting situation.

YEAHHHHHHH ITS DONE.....I think !!!!

Just got to nip to mums to find out if I have missed any. Although if I see anymore white gloss I will scream.

Have been getting funny looks from my wife ( no not those type ..tut tut tut) and samples of wall paper seem to have appeared.

So what did I achieve....one staircase and landing emulsioned..check. Six doors and frames and skirting glossed ...check. Me absolutely done in and aching and headaches .........BIG CHECK.

Would I do it again mmmmmmm...it was for my mum of course I would.

Oh by the way if anybody local to me wants any decorating done dont heditate to contact me..............I will provide you with a list of decoraters phone numbers !!!!

All fo now..... now wheres that number for that health spa ????


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Well done you put me to shame xx Janet


Hi Janet.

I may have not mentioned it would have previously taken twodays tops......it has taken me all week.

But yes I am proud I have done it. Although I am expecting it to take me a long time to recover..but hey the one thing I have got is time.

I have adopted a new motto. PREPARE TO FAIL . May sound defeatist but either way I end ip succeeding.

Give things a go...it may take you a lot lot longer and may need adapting but the buzz is worth it.

Needeing a lay down now Pax

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I got quite excited when I saw the bit that looked like an offer, especially as my request to your last post was rejected ;-) , then I read the second part a realised my hopes had been completely dashed ;-(

Is mum paying for the health spa? Tell her it's cheaper than a decorator ;-)

As for the wall paper I can give you the web addresses of some great people who can show you how you... can make world class paper airoplanes and boats from it ;-)

Splendid acheivement just sad you turned down my earlier request.



yay! looks like i will have to paint my own livng room lol,enjoy the health spa


hi Paxo

really well done. Just one question though...how did the painting chair cope with the stairs?

The pride of a big job completed and its warm glow does help ease the aches.

Enjoy the well earned rest.




Thought I'd give the chair a miss on stairs, just sat down and used extension on roller.

I can usually fall down stairs without the aid of the chair so it was not a great idea.

Ready now for a long rest......may even have a trip to the coast and lay on the beach and chill ...or maybe that should be freeze.



Wow ! I am impressed : )

I have been on annual leave from my evening job this week and had many great plans - most of which have not yet come to fruition !

I have almost completed one though ! Have pulled out bedroom cupboard, cleaned walls/floor, replaced broken old airvent with shiny new one ( shame you won't see it under there - it is so shiny ! ) Scrubbed piece of contiboard that goes beneath cupboard to spread the weight ( floors are naff in old Park Home - glorified shed really ) Scrubbed piece of lino that protects top of cupboard.

Need to ducktape raw edges of board ( never did this originally, can't remember why )and replace. Clean top, back ,sides of cupboard, repolish top and varnish back, prob 3 coats, as white stuff had formed at base due to moisture. So only halfway really !

You are quite right, jobs that would normally take a day at most now end up drizzling over a few, in fits and starts !

Feel rather like someone has ripped my arms off and beaten me with them but I have a semi result !

Long may we potter about and smile through the pain in the knowledge of ' all our own work' : ) x


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