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Journey to an Alien Planet in an Ill-fitting Spacesuit


Hi everyone,

Its taken me 2 years to get this together, but it looks like it might be finally happening.

I would really like any comments from you guys as this forum was one of the greatest support through my recovery.

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Hi Paul. How far you've come in the past couple of years in terms of confidence and understanding your condition.

I've seen the term 'homesick' from two people tonight and I think it describes the yearning for one's 'old' self with the pathos it deserves.

It's good to see you in the flesh (so to speak) as you have such a calm and reassuring persona.

Good luck in your pursuit of understanding and reconciliation with the 'new' you. Cat xx

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Thank you Cat.

I think one of the aims of the project is to use video to put faces to words and thoughts. I think it makes it more reassuring and real. Especially when the world around you is becoming less real.

Take care


I thought the link is very interesting and well done. It says much of the things I've felt too.

Not exactly but then we are all individual before so makes sense to me we are also idividual after.

Project sounds interesting as its so hard to explain how we feel to ourselves let alone others.

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Thank you. I think for me that sums it up. We can often be seen as a group of people with the same issues and conflicts and the reality is we are all struggling with our own individual issues unique to ourselves.

Thank you.

Take care


'Your emotions have changed, your perceptions have changed'.

There's a sentence I think we can all identify with. Very moving video, well done indeed. Although I'm not a stroke survivor, there are clearly parallels with your story and my own. I too felt like I was in an alien body for many years, but once I learnt to adjust and accept that 'new me, life started to move forward once more.

Again, congratulations on getting your thoughts out there, it must have been both difficult and cathartic all at the same time. I know that applied to me when I wrote my book.

Good luck, keep moving forward.


Hi Paul, I suffered a brain bleed after a TBI and didn't have a stroke, so have no personal experience of loss of what I formerly had. The only concrete knowledge of my pre-accident personality, is that provided for me. I have others accounts, records, certificates, Video's/CD's of course, I know what happened, I know it was me, and remember certain incidents, but don't really identify with the feelings or emotions!

I found the film impelling and moving, thank you for sharing it! Best of luck with the rest of the project. Well done.

I can't begin to think what that must feel like. Thanks for sharing.

At the moment I'm trying to keep to stroke survivors to keep things simpler to focus on but hope that at some point we can expand it to include all brain injuries.

I've got some brilliant people who are keen to be involved.

Thanks again.

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Yes, I certainly relate your video. It is hard to put into words how I feel, but yes your synopsis has captured how I feel.

Good luck and keep us updated

Thanks I will do.

All the best


Just catching up after a busy week-love the title ! Big well done on your recovery so far and all the best for your forthcoming project, Angela : )

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Thank Angela.



Like the video. Really good description. It's like being dropped into someone else's virtual reality game isn't it?

Have you got a link to any others?

Also quick note for your future ones....I had to listen rather than watch - the flashing images create an almost instant headache.

Looking forward to them!

Hi, Thanks, I have put the project on hold for now due to work commitments. I have a couple more video but one isn't quite ready as yet. I will tweak the flashing when I get a chance.

This is the lovely Diane who I interviewed a while back.

The other is a friend who had a stroke and went on to do a boat building course. Hoping to film the launch of his first boat in spring to finish off his interview on a positive note.

P.S. the Reith lectures help explain lots of things. I've just finished listening to lecture 4.

well worth a listen.



Bravo, like waking up and wanting it just to have been a nightmare. I can’t wait for someone to wake me up from this sad dream and tell me it wasn’t real / isn’t real 😕

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Likewise. Perhaps we need a massive alarm clock. 😬

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