Adapters !!!!!

Yep thats what I think we should now be called.

Just spent the weekend painting my mums staircase and landing while she is away. I may be slow but am really enjoying being usefull.

I arrived Saturday fully armed. Brushes, paint rollers, plus extending handle, dust sheets oh and most important my painting chair.

You may find these chairs in some d.i.y shops if you look around. Never heard of them you say ?

Ok ok so it is actually an old office chair but it IS covered in paint. Trust me its great for painting when you cant stand for long in one position.

So like I said we adapt. I now can decorate, it still takes me three time as long but hey I get there.

If you are wondering how I paint lower than the chair. Well its eay I lay on the floor. I have found I cant fall down if I am already down.

Having nearly finished it I am aching where I had forgotten could ache.

Keep adapting . Pax

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  • Hi Paxo, like it:) Paintability! K

  • Hi Paxo, I'm still figuring out how to paint higher than shoulder height without using a ladder or looking up! Open to any suggestions 😀

    Janet x

  • I use paint roller and extension. Small roller for gloss or small areas. Tried taping a brush to extension......lets say unless you want a u ique design you will need a steadg hand. Even tried using a resting stick ( as used by sign writers) but didnt work. So I use rollers patience and lots and lots of time. Try doing sbort stints of painting.

    Hope this helps Pax.

  • I had the same problem looking up too long while painting made me fall over.

    It strange on some steps ladders I am better than others I have a good 7 tread step ladder that I don't have problems on but a smaller two steps one I am all over the place.

  • I think I'll have to try a roller at the moment the hall is painted up to shoulder height, my son was going to help but never got round to it before going back to uni and my hubby's oo shattered after work and at the weekends, I can't persuade him to pay decorators. It'll get done eventually I suppose I'm just sick of looking at it.

    Janet x

  • Be taller?

    Not helpful? I look up and then reach blind, but probably not a great idea with a roller!

  • Wish I could be taller😀 It'll get done, not important in the grand scheme of things I suppose x

  • Well I do need inspiration. I revamped & redecorated the whole house 4 years ago, just prior to my SAH, so I'm thinking it might be time to start over & work through again ..............................and I've been cringing at the thought.

    The shakiness, dizziness, fatigue etc don't inspire much confidence but maybe I should lower my expectations and aim at just completing one room for now.

    I've never used the long-handled paint pads ; always worked on ladders & planks, but I shall go to my local DIY store tomorrow and buy an extension pole, plus Dulux, and make a start.

    Thanks Pax for the nudge. You might just have persuaded me into a project to last me through the long, dreary days of winter ........... and I might even try the sitting down method !

    You might ache for a few days but it'll be a 'good' sort of ache won't it. xxx

  • Hi Cat.

    Go for it. Choosing colour schemes helps. Asked my mum if she had thought of having the walls and cieling in the same colour.

    Also adding it would make it easier for me as it was hard to keep a steady clean edge. She thought it was a good idea and agreed.

    So when you plan a room think what you find hard and can you overcome it. If not physically then maybe by choosing decor you can do.

    Hey just because you end up with a different decor doesnt mean its wrong. If people ask ( as they do when visitig my house ) reply that is the new trend " havent they heard".

    Happy decorating Pax x

  • Yes Pax, I shall be doing exactly that..........................neutral colour on walls & ceilings and in all rooms.

    I used to agonizingly draw those straight divisions along the cornices between walls & ceilings but already decided last time that it was a defunct method. And I prefer it all one colour anyway, so a win-win situation !

    Time you were in bed ?? xxx

  • Sorry for late response but it was past my bed time. Paying for it again today.

    But increased pain meds and I fight again tomorrow.

    Seems my painting the town red days are over so will stick to decorating.

    Pax x

  • You & me both Pax.

    Hope your aches subside soon :o xx

  • Yes, like it paxo. It's a good description of what we have no choice but to do.



  • Brilliant

    I can still do most of my housework but I have to spread it out over a longer period of time!!

  • We have managed to paint the ceilings in our new kitchen and bathroom, it's been 5 weeks! I can't decide on wall colours. It will be done by Christmas...which Christmas I can't say!

  • you should patent the painting chair! quick before b and q nick it! keep adpating x

  • Hi Razy

    Think I will give dragons den a ring. £50,000 for 10% of company. ......I feel a holiday coming on...eerrrrr I mean sound investment strategies.

    Pax x

  • Hi Pax,

    What about the ceiling or top of walls? I've tried the office chair bit but it either rolls away or spins around. Guess if I get it to spin fast enough I'll be able to spray paint the walls ;-)

    Not sure it would do me anygood though looking upward when standing still on a solid floor get me so dizzy I fall over.

    Oh by the way if you're looking for a new project in the decorating field my address is ....... ;-)

    Well done and it is true we are Adaptors or tranformers in your case given the change your decorating has made.

    Stay Positively adaptive


  • Hi Geoff

    I use paint roller with extension handle for cielinh and top of walls. Just that it all has to be same colour as cant manage straight cutting in with extension pole.

    Thanks for offer of next job but alas my wife has already planned next job sorry Pax .

  • I could never manage striaght cutting in with a brush! Even with the use of masking tape :-(

    I tried the all the same colour scheme once but my wife didn't appreciate the flourecent green ceilling. I did add dabs of pink brush dots in random patterns but she thought that made it worse for some odd reason!

    Now you know why I requested assistance ;-)

    Well done on meeting the challenge though.


  • Excellent Pax! :). I'm glad that you felt you were being useful.

    And yes, I agree. All of us "survivors" are AKA "adapters". We can do things we used to or things we want to do but in a different way :).

    My style of drawing changed after my ops but it changed in the way where I have improved on my art.

    And like most adapters, we all need a good charge (rest/sleep) :).

  • Crouching I still can't do well, lots of waving of hands.

    Sorting out some IT under desks in the office/sleep in room made sure I was the bed side so when I lost it, as I would it was a soft landing!

  • Kneeling down can be entertaining at times, trying to keep my balance as though on a tight rope.

    It is easier to lay on floor, cant fall any further then. Problem comes with getting back up. Now that can be entertaining. It is always accompanied with lost of grunts and groans......and a big dah dah when finally standing.

    keeping the world entertained Pax

  • Normally as I'm heaving up some tiny wee young woman as most bar my self in work are, offers to help!

    Bare in mind I am close to or in some cases more than twice their weight, and age! I'd be impressed if you could is my normal reply!

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