History 8

History 8

The imaginatively named 'Steep Hill' (really) was named Britain's most attractive street in 2011. Once the major route from the numerous dwellings in medieval Lincoln to the cathedral, now a timber framed shop lined route from the major shopping street in Lincoln City centre up to the 'Cathedral Quarter' where the majority of tourists immediately head.

But, in truth, 'Steep Hill was the chosen 'walk-way' to the first generation Baron Curfew's vast expanse of land. The route was tortuous enough to prevent the majority of peasants venturing too close. Those that managed were easily dispatched down the hill with a single blow from a rudimentary mallet and a quick shove.

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  • Or an apple, Baron. One of my boys was very nearly despatched the other day after Mattins when someone higher up the hill who was carrying a basket of apples had the wobbles on the cobbles and sent one bouncing down, ever gathering speed and momentum...it was looking like we were in the wicket at Trent Bridge for a moment but luckily he was not bowled out.

    I can't really get up Steep Hill these days, rather obviously. Turns out (possibly equally obviously, but I am stubborn / bloody-minded / stupid * ) I can't go down it, either. And not just because I am a flatfooted Fenlander either. It's me knees and the vertigo! Luckily there's that nice little bus that takes the back route down some equally scary hills...

    * delete as you see fit!

  • It is a little hard on the knees isn't it!

    Bad news, the little bus is no more. No funding, or some such excuse...

  • Eek only went on that last week. Back to the lovely No 8. then...

  • The little 'un possibly survived then, I knew there was an outcry, for once, it possibly reversed the decision.

    Ah, the number 8. I used to catch that to visit my now wife when she lived up that end of Lincoln. Happy days, good times

  • Me knees and steep hills don't do well either, especially going down!

  • Rreeeaaallly love that hill...so long as I dont have to go up or down it.

    Daughter was in a flap when she thought the little bus was gone. " that means I have to walk "was her shocked reply.

    She is now layed down recovering. I will tell her tomorrow its still running. I am a good father like that.

    Keep up the history lesson Pax

  • Lovely street, full of old-world character. Reminds me of Howarth.

  • It is very similar, yep. Very like York, too

  • Hi Baron, thought I'd look at all your pics (great") and read the history in order which I've just done. I've never been to Lincoln I don't think, although I've a cousin who lives in the county and I have been to Ely cathedral, is that near?

    Love the history lessons also! A lot of the the architecture looks similiar to where I live now in France and yes we've many wobbly cobblys on the pavement, especially in the 'old cite' in Le Mans. The picture of Steep Hill, reminds me of the Hovis Ad!

  • Thank you for the kind words. And glad you're enjoying the history of Lincoln through the ages! :) More tomorrow...

    Ely is a long way away, wrong county, that's Cambridgeshire.

    Hope you're doing well, long time, no hear!

  • Thanks Baron, I think I'm making progress on one front, now I must get back to the casserole I should have prepared this morning and forgot, or won't have any dinner tonight!

    Keep up the good work. Shirley x

  • I love the shops that line the street! Without them I would never have made it to the top!

    When young and fit I managed to partially rupture my a chillies tendon on my first ever day off in Lincoln.

    Later I took my child in pushchair up here and boy did it ever feel like it had grown in length as well as gotten steeper! I was so grateful to sit on the benches at the top.

    I got my first bottle of stags breath from a wee shop on steep hill.

    This picture makes it look quite a gentle slope, must have been what lured me into a false state of confidence 😉

  • It really is lovely up there, very nice indeed. I'll miss that part of Lincoln when I leave the City

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