History 10

History 10

The Adam And Eve pub, merely a stone's throw from the cathedral is the oldest pub in Lincoln, built in 1701, though within the building are remains dating back to the twelfth century.

The pub was built to sate the thirst of Baron Curfew and his cohorts as the travelled through Lincoln doing good deeds. Once the most prosperous pub in Lincoln for that very reason. Now, due to the fact that Baron Curfew has been teetotal for twenty years, the pub remains as a tribute to earlier generations of the Curfew lineage.

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  • Can you explain why Baron Curfew wasn't honoured with a statue along with the other Lincoln Barons. Surely there should be public outrage. :x

  • You'd think so wouldn't you. Sadly, the good Baron is very much overlooked in the City. It's a shame, but it's mainly due to keeping himself and his 'good deeds' very much under the radar

  • Mmm.............the Baron has emerged so far as a mischievous but unassuming, rather agoraphobic teetotal type. Interesting character. ;-)

  • Hit the nail on the head, or so I'm told. Although, 'agoraphobic' is maybe a tad wide of the mark.

    The good and wise Baron has in the past spread the word to Germany, Tunisia, the US and beyond. Even as far as Derbyshire!

  • Oh the Good Baron's been everywhere I've been also over the years, 'cept sorry to say, not been to Derbyshire, unless it's enroute to Scotland from SE.

  • You're missing a charm, lovely part of the world!

  • ...so that's why Eve couldn't resist temptation, do they sell Cider there :-)

  • Odd though given Lincoln's history that the oldest pub is from the 1700's you would have imaged a lot more surviving.

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