History of Lincoln, part 1

History of Lincoln, part 1

Once upon a time, there was a nineteen year old man. He was a wannabe rocker, thought he looked the part, actually looked a bit of a, well, you fill in the blank. He was a hairdresser/window cleaner/builder, an odd mixture of professions none of which ever felt 'right'.

The man, let's call him, 'Andy' lived in Lincoln, or 'Lindum' to use the old Roman name. And here the story begins...

Yes, that's me, just call me Def Leppard :)

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  • Nice to meet you Andy xxxx

    What a surprise, a nice one that is, it's good to see you.

    Janet x

  • Hi Andy......think your older brother is on here pretending to be a Baron!!!!

    Glad to see someone being real......A rocker hey 😕😀

  • Love that hair. ;-) x

  • I thought I looked quite the part. Oh to be nineteen again!

  • Trust me ; you looked the part ! x

  • Is that a snakebite you are drinking or Lucozade??!! I remember colouring my hair the same colour, permed with lots of 80s mousse!

  • Castlemaine XXXX

    I used to drink alcohol twenty years ago :)

    Colour?? How dare you, it's bleach :D

  • Teehee. Those were the days. You'd have fitted in round here!

  • And I reckon that's a tin of Boddy's...

  • Def Leppard.

    Or are you more of a Deaf Leopard :).

  • Diggin' the high tops by the way :).

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