History, Part iv. Unless you're bored

History, Part iv. Unless you're bored

Lincoln castle was erected 1066-68 by William The Conquerer (not on his own) to defend the City against his many enemies. The castle still stands today, housing the City's Crown Court and one of the three remaining original copies of the Magna Carta.

Again, most of that rubbish is discounted by the locals who are fully aware of the FACT that the castle was erected by Baron Curfew in order to defend his own palace housed a few yards up the road. The castle to this day is home to an original copy of 'Around The Houses' by Baron Curfew, written in it's original Latin form.

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  • Never bored Andy, how could you think that. Xx

    You'd make a good history teacher, as long as it was the history of Lincoln 😀

    Keep up the good work, fab photos too


  • I'm merely stating facts. Ish


  • Could never get bored! Look forward to seeing it after a long hard day at work!

    I can't wait to see what you have to say about Derbyshire when you get there!

    It's nice to get a reminder of places I have seen but long since forgotten.

  • Long way to go before Derbyshire, there's Germany wayyyy before that :)

  • Beautiful old castle, steeped in history.

    Thanks M'lord. :-/

  • It is indeed very lovely. Or were you referring to myself? :)

  • You're a old castle ???

  • and lincon castle what about it

    id rather talk to you

  • I went to court there (not as a defendant , mind) when I was a girl, with our vicar, to see the Treasurer of our PCC get sent down for 18 months for embezzling £30k from church funds over a number of years. And she was the wife of the village bobby!. Ooooh Fenland scandals...you could write a book!

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