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History six

History six

The Stonebow is an early 16th century building which forms an archway over the main High Street.

The Lincoln Guildhall has been used since its construction in 1520, occupying the whole second floor of the Stonebow, and still plays host to Full Council meetings and City Council events. It houses artefacts, including the sword of Richard II, the Lord Mayor’s Chains of Office and posy ring.

The word Stonebow comes from the ancient Norse word stennibogi which means stone arch.

Of course, most of the locals see this alleged story as inconsistent and highly unlikely to hold any truth at all. The Stonebow is in fact a monument to Baron Curfew. The clock permanently set at 09:20 (see picture) the time of the fall that caused his head injury. The Guildhall is in fact only ever used to read from his books to the many interested parties and to tell stories of his adventures to the city's townsfolk.

The word Stonebow actually comes from the ancient Latin words stoney bogel which means extreme congestion. Again thoughts vary on this. One is that it refers to the many, many people who flood through the Bow every day. The other is that it refers to Baron Curfew's nose since his introduction to epilepsy medication.

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Ha ha ha!

I know this bit well! My bank was situated to the right of this picture, it's odd to think that a slight turn with the camera goes from historical building to Tarmac and cars and modern brickwork!

I do miss days out in Lincoln although I don't think I could manage to up hill bits any longer!

Is there a little shop under the arch?

If not you're surely missing an oportunity to sell your souvenir to the traveling masses 😇

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You bank with the Bank Of Scotland do you? :)


Maybe ☺️


A bit later today!, not that I'm criticising but nearly missed you.

Taking son No2 back to uni today, so Nottingham here we come.

The more I see of Lincoln the more I want to visit xx

You'd make a great ambassador.

Janet xx


It's worth a look, I'll give it that :)


Yes I see the clock HAS been stopped at 9.20. What a wonderful tribute to a great man ! :o xx


A great man? Nah, it's just me


dude you make me so not want to see Lincoln. Lol, I'm more of a sea world kinda person. I can't reconcile a guy who likes THUNDER with this intellectual stuff. Maybe it's an Englishman abroad in the evenings?


Chucklesome indeed, Baron. I had no idea Lincoln's history was so curfew-linked.

I like to try and guess who I shall be accosted by just the other side...it is a favourite haunt of leafletters, survey takers, sandwichboard-wearers and the like, presumably because it gives them somewhere to shelter when it rains. And with the wonky walk and snail's pace they always seem to catch me! No I don't want Sky TV, no I am not interested in free drinks at such and such a night club (I mean, 😂), and no I don't want to tell you about how I felt about my last holiday. I just want to get to the train station before the train goes! Grrrr.

Issue an edict, dear Baron, rid our thoroughfare of this pestilence!!


I shall do my best :)


The clock is permenantly set to 9:20. The time is wrong then. 3:20 in the picture. Is it AM or PM? :).


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