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History Seven

The Brayford Pool located in the heart of Lincoln City centre. It is is a natural lake formed from a widening of the River Witham. It was used as a port by the Romans - who connected it to the River Trent by constructing the Foss Dyke - and has a long industrial heritage. It was used primarily as a boating lake by Baron Curfew as a means to defend his many supporters and train them in the art of water based battles.

However it has long been 'regenerated' mainly to ignore the needs of the long term resident of Lincoln and instead mainly to pander to the needs of the seven and a half billion students now using the City's University

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  • Ah yes the students. As they pour from the college gates my brother used to compare them to woodlice teeming everywhere after having their shelters exposed.

    Doesn't living in a university city keep the housing market buoyant though ?

  • Good grief, no.

    Massive swathes of Lincoln have been turned into almost exclusively student zones, where town houses have been turned into house shares on a massive scale. The residents who remain are restless in the extreme, parties go on all night, students are walking home from the City's 18,000 pubs and nightclubs at all hours peeing and vomiting all over the streets. Civil war looms around the corner.

  • You need to blog these, m'lord...

  • I had a blog, nobody read it. I have no idea how to 'promote' it, for want of a better word

  • I think it is a lot to do with using places like this - putting your blog address as your signature, plus getting someone IT savvy to set it up so that when a person Googles 'Lincoln' your blog appears as number 3 in the list after the Castle and Cathedral! Beyond me but I know it can be done ... Then it is about getting links to other bits. But having said all that the other places my OH calls Twitface are probably just as good.

    We would all read it!!!

  • Pretty much the only bit of that I understood was the reference to 'Twitface' which I steadfastly refuse to be a part of, I have just never understood it at all. I don't get why anyone would want to know what Cheryl Cole is doing tonight or when Obama goes to the toilet.

    There's no hope for me having an even remotely successful blog, I just don't understand the technology enough

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