Way off topic

Way off topic

This has nothing to do with bi or anything like that.

Some on this forum may be aware that my yougest daughter has been studying at Lincoln Uni.

Well today was her graduation and boy was I proud of her.

This does not put an end to our visits ( food runs) she is now doing her history masters degree. Mind you Lincoln is a nice place to visit.

Tried to rotate pic...but failed


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  • History is good 👍I wish I had a mum like you

  • Thanks .....but I am a dad not a mum.

    Either way I am one proud parent


  • Oh! Soo sorry! Great achievement anyway. England needs more educated people and a change. I don't feel that I can live here!

  • England needs more plumbers matey, mine is an absolute nightmare to get hold of... Sorry have a construction company and want both my kids Katie 16 and Charlie 14 to be plumbers but its ups to them not me. Hope your well Luke. Nick

  • No worries about the mix up.

    I only hope she gets the chance to use the knowledge she has gained in a job she loves. Only the future will see where in the world she will end up living


  • I bet you're proud as punch, she looks lovely

    Sue x

  • pax loved lincoln. i did my basic training at raf swinderby 40yrs ago. congratulations.

  • Hello pax

    My congratulations to her and you for being her proud parent :)

    It's nice to share stories beyond bi, as it too - forms part of what makes up our lives.

    Best wishes,


  • Pax yippee!!!!!!!! Food runs and dirty nappies all sooooooooo worthwhile when you are part of such a success.

    Long may it continue and wishing you all a full and happy life.

    Love n hugs as always


  • Thanks Random.

    Yep we are so proud of her and what she has grown into.

    Pax x

  • Well done to your lovely daughter (brains and beauty............wonder who she gets them from ? Thanks Pax for sharing your celebration with us ; events such as these bring extra 'humanity' into our midst ! xx

  • Thanks Cat.

    I often wonder where she gets it all from.

    Just hoping all her hard work leads to a career sheIis happy with.

    Pax x

  • Fantastic Pax absolutely fantastic.

  • Another Lincoln success story, there are many of us :) Not that I'm University educated, I didn't have the brain for it back then, oh, the irony :D

    Good on her, congratulations


  • Thanks Andy..

    Have to agree Lincoln is a woderful place.....even steep hill.


  • I agree, until your wife's workplace moves to the very top of it. Some people don't think. Just saying :)

  • Many congrats and she will love her Masters! Very well done and enjoy yourself!

    Thanks for sharing your success with us all!

    Marian x

  • Must be so proud and relieved :-)

    Mind you better watch out in the Lincoln area - there are a few strange characters wandering round with video cameras claiming to be some sort of Baron :-)

  • Have been looking out for strange people with cameras in Lincoln.....come to think of it it was full of them.

    Pax x

  • Oh Pax what lovely news ! Congratulations to your daughter ( and Teddy - I see he has earned his mortarboard too ! ) Wishing her continued success : ) Angela x

  • Thanks the teds called gertrude ( dont ask) it was a present from her nan.

    Pax x

  • Lovely piccie x

  • Congrats to your daughter...and the whole family too. A success to be celebrated indeed.

  • great stuff, she looks fairly pleased as well, as she should!

  • Congrats to her Pax. Have been dodging graduands and graduates all week as I go up to the big pointy thing on the hill/walk the dogs through the Bail etc. But it is lovely to see these young people all celebrating their own hard work and achievement. They have been in our prayers at the Cathedral daily - for fun and well-deserved celebration, also that the world will take their gifts and make best use of them. Please relay that to your daughter directly along with those congratulations!

  • It was a great setting and enjoyed by all.

    Pax x

  • YAY! very very well done to her,iam about to start the second module of my degree! congrats to youre clever daughter

  • Thanks I will pass on your good wishes.

    Good luck with your degree.

    Pax x

  • Congratulations to you, your daughter & the rest of your family who have given her the stability, plus emotional and reliable comfort/safety net for her to be confident to totally immerse herself in her challenge & pass.You sound like a lovely person who is lucky to have a supportive family who all are there for each other if/when needed X Ty for a ray of sunshine message, Diane x

  • Thanks for the congrats. She has given me a lot of support over the years with my bi. Hopefully I have been able to support her as well.

    Then again we all lean on each other when needed. It's the only way.

    Pax x

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