Lincoln, part V

Lincoln, part V

In the year 1160, the 'High Bridge' was built in the centre of Lincoln. Essentially a stone bridge with originally a chapel upon it. Now, timber framed shops stand where the chapel once stood. High Bridge cafe is a well known landmark to Lincoln locals.

The cafe was born out of a desire to quench the caffeine riddled thirst of Baron Curfew. The bridge still stands to this very day and is purported to be the only remaning bridge of it's type in the UK that you can still travel under by boat and shop within. Not at the same time, that would be a miracle

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  • I've been here! Maybe during basic training at swinderby on a rare weekend off.

    I can't understand why I have not been here since, unless I don't remember.

  • Come on over! We'll have tea 😊

  • Hi baron

    hasnt this led to the Lincoln shuffle dance. Invented as a way to get up and down the narrow steps

    Loving the history lesson . Have been relaying this to my daughter ( shes studying history at Lincoln uni) think she may base her final paper on your findings.

    She says any inacuracies are more than made up for by funny content.

    Thanks again for posts Pax

  • Inaccuracies??? :)

  • Errrr its an old yorkshire word. The meaning escapes me at the moment.

    Will be visiting this wonderful city on friday. Taking daughter back to uni hoorrray ( this is an old yorkshire way of showing extreme sadness ...honest)


  • I love this scene ; think we saw it before on the Baron thread and there's something magical about it. I'm imagining sitting in that ancient building drinking a cappuccino and gazing out over the water. x

  • I can't go in this place. Combination of crowded surroundings (tourist trap so they do like to cram them in), being over water, and wonky ancient floors, all of which mean I lose my legs then head in quick succession. Luckily loads of places stock and serve the lovely Stokes of Lincoln coffee brands these days what with the Tastes of Lincolnshire push, so I don't feel too deprived. Altho mine has to be decaf to protect the legs, head and heart...

    Where to next, Baron Guide?!

  • That would be good to shop while in a boat, it would be like a drive thru :).

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