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It has completely amazed me, everybody seems to be so thoughtful, and genuinely supportive. I'm new here, I've only posted once, and I no longer feel so alone. And that's thanks to headway, and you. I've met a couple of people recently, in a cafe, and for the first time I've not worried if I made a mistake while speaking, nobody judges you!

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Hurrah - it is wonderful to hear of such progress. I am hopeful that one day my husband will be making such positive posts on this site!


good to hear Kel !


the thing is no one here has anything to prove, and thats a good thing


Thanks for sharing your positive news...I am so pleased for you.


That's lovely to hear, take care x


I agree, we don't have a headway group here on Skye yet but at least on here I get to interact with other people who understand what I am going through which has been really useful and made me feel less alone. Thank you everyone xxx


Nice words, and I heartily concur.

You take care


i still talk backwards

posen frond

or mabe munions and ushrooms

and ere lass av you got some ducks for bread

nobody ever corrects me

who is guna say owt any road

be yourself not a worry bag of nerves

i find that pepole think you say things correctly

even when you know you didnt

some pepole notice if i speak out of accent

but it doesnt matter

sorry out of accent meaning no slang

tup norf an a y from rand ere

if out of accent i sound like barry manolow in china

then pepole notice an the i tell them to go do sumat else


today is tommorrows yesterday

gud luck keep happy


That's a brilliant post leeleelee ! So true but made me chuckle too, love your way with words x


Hi Kel, headway is good isn't it x


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