Not so good deed

Been a dutyfull husband and drove my wife to her job interview....I am good like that.

Well all went well. Entered address in sat nav and arrived in plenty of time. Even escorted her to the door.

It was the wrong door but hey nobody is perfect.

Infact it was the wrong building. Aarrgghhhh.

Checked address I was sure was correct.

Then my wife pointed out the number of the building.

Oopps I had got the right numbers.........just not in the right order.

She loves it when I help out.

Luckily it was in the same business park and she got there in time.

Wonder how we will do on the way home ???

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lol you will be fine


We survived. .oh and my wife was offered a job . Shes not sure whether to take it as she has two more other interwiews coming up.

I wonder if I will get to programme the sat nav ??

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great! either way congrats to her


I think you could take credit for the job offer. She was probably thinking 'oh well, nothing else can go wrong now' by the time she got in there, so relaxed and so played a blinder. That's how I would be playing it....😀


I will run that by her but I think she managed fine dispite my input.

just hope she gets the right job for her.


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