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Sat navs

Decided to be useful today and drive my wife to a meeting gor work( on her day off=not a happy bunny). Well have got her here and I am waiting in car. On the way up on the motorway was looking at sat nav a litlle bemused as it told me to leave the motorway. "Are you turning off or do you know a different way" my wife asked.

"I havent a clue where I am " I answered, adding " I was just wondrring why the sat nav was saying we had to leave the motorway? "

" maybe because this is our exit? " offered my wife

" oh right ....thats a good idea? " I replied. Causing my wife to curl uo laughing.

Yep I can be that dim at times. Ah well at keast it cheered her up. I love being amazed by technology....

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We were using a sat nav in the States once at night and I'd taken a wrong turn so it told us to make a right turn at the next junction, problem was I could see it wasn't a junction just a break in the central reservation, took us a while to understand that it meant us to do a U-turn, we were on English roads in our heads and couldn't do that but it was ok over there!!!!

Janet xxx


Lol! You still got there,it all good!


Yep got there AND back safe. It just throws me when I suddenly dont understand technology all of a sudden. Sort of mental block. Have to admit it is funny afterwards, just feel a bit daft when it happens. It does make life interesting though.


Hey yes it's good to laugh! At least you van drive I failed my practical by crashing into a roundabout! Last week,onwards and upwards I have 're booked test!


Havent tried crashing into a round about..sounds fun. Couldnt you explain you dont like going round the bends and prefer a more direct route. Probably wouldnt work. I can remember my fisrt test causing my examiner to hit the windscreen in the emergancy stop. This was just as the seatbelt law came out...yes I am that old. I think the look on his face told me I had failed. But he gave me the benefit of doubt and we did another emergancy stop. This time I skidded down the road sideways( the road had been just regraveled) and left him in a heap on the floor. Yep I had failed.


Hi Pax,

I do not own a sat nav but I have heard stories from others about how confusing they can be. One minute they tell you to take this road, then it updates and tells you take a different road! Even on my brothers iPhone, it does a similar thing.

I do know that the best thing to do is get the postcode of where you want to go, enter that in the sat nav and it should take you right to the point without sending you back and fourth like a fiddler's elbow :).



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