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I saved a spawning toad *warning semi graphic picture*


Greetings from Dawlish (I feel so relaxed and care free it's amazing).

I was walking along the brook and felt my foot knock something so as I turned around I saw a toad that was spawing but couldn't move it's two back legs so I sat with it in hope that someone would help me and a couple did, the husband wanted to kill it and I screamed no it's still alive, the wife went off to get help and called the RSPCA who said put it in a box and take it to the nearest vet no one gave her a box but someone did give her a plastic paint can and piece of cardboard so we took it to the nearest vet who xrayed it and told the RSPCA because I'm not local I couldn't give my contact details but the lady who help gave hers and I gave her my number so she could update me the vetinary said the RSPCA would give them a substantial for looking after the injuied animal I just hope her and her little tadpoles survive

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What's the differences between a frog and a toad? 1. There is no such thing as a 3 frogged sloth & 2. A song called 'the long and winding frog' probably wouldn't have sold as well for the Beatles. Well, its your own fault for giving me such material. Take it easy and if I don't see you before, see you at the next BIC.



bexx87 in reply to brumatmed

Yes I won't be at Wednesday's BIC as I'm down here until Saturday morning I heard it's alot warm in Bristol than down here on the coast (slightly envious lol) and I certainly feel less anxious about work,home and social situations

brumatmed in reply to bexx87

Having read you original message again, I have now felt the need (in true Sheldon form) to point out that a toad is not an animal but an amphibian. - I do not doubt that the vet will be able to provide the required amount of water for their care, so they are all in the best place. Bizarrely, enjoy Dawlish (only bizarrely because its not something I thought I'd be typing today) Have a good break anyway.

bexx87 in reply to brumatmed

Yes I know it's an ampbian I didmt have anything to cover it in water though while I was sat by it the vet thinks it was happy giveing birth while being snatched and due to the toxins got dropped and brole the back legs in landing I would hate to be made food bait while giving birth (I know for humans that's impossible but I often find myself looking from the perspective of the animal)

Gotcha, that makes sense now, so the picture that the vet has painted is that an immature bird who was big enough to pick up a full size toad which looked like a tasty morsel but immature enough not to know that the skin of the toad exudes toxins which would have burnt the bird (probably a member of the crow family) and made the bird drop the toad, breaking the legs of the toad on impact due to the speed built up of not just the vertical height on release but also the acceleration of flight.

Phew, its a good job you were passing or the toad would have croaked for sure and bizarrely (twice in one conversation, oh err) the spawn would have been orphaned tadpoles

bexx87 in reply to brumatmed

I was fending off baby seagulls which it was on the path who thought she looked tasted, had a group of tourists fascinated to see a toad and a son and dad passing by and when the son asked what's that black stuff coming out of it had to explain to both him and his confused and embarrassed dad that it was a pearl string of eggs

...or you could have just said its the toads 'giblets' - trust me, ANY male would have nodded politely and walked on

bexx87 in reply to brumatmed

It's not editable fowl !!! Lol

That is why they would walk on, giblets (in a male world) are the innards of any animal, bird or mammal which may get spilt at an inconsiderate time and I am sure you mean edible as opposed to changeable lol

Google says ediable

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