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Next year is the year


Some of you may remember me posting about wanting to walk the 3 Yorkshire peaks before. Well after many times going to do them not going to do them I have decided next year I am going to do them with the man who set up the bi group I go to. He has said if he believed I could manage them he would do them with me. More like I could go with him and group of others when he does them again. I’m planning to go to the Yorkshire peaks and walk one peak on my own or with a mate or some from the group who could manage it and record it on a walking app and do videos so the man can see then hoping that will convince him that I could manage all 3. I know all 3 will be much harder than one but unfortunately I don’t live near the peaks so it is going to be go and just do all I can in a few hours. I’m thinking 1 peak in 3 and half hours as I know I will slow down as I get further so gives me more time for 2nd and 3rd peak.

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Check out Channel 4 on 'Yorkshire Walks' which I'm watching now. I recommend you bring a support bandage for the walk as that terrain looks v rocky. Last year walking on similar ground I damaged my MCL (knee ligament) and a support tubigrip really helped. Good Luck!

Thanks will have a look for it. Well it seems I may not manage it in the 12 hours target time at the minute tho not been to the Yorkshire peaks to test myself on one so still can’t be sure. There is a place very near me where there is a few hills and steps Danes dyke if anyone knows it. It’s like some woods with hills and steps very short distance but the best place that is near me to practice. Yesterday I used a walking app on my phone to time how long it took me to go up some steps and it tells you how long it would take you to cover one mile at the speed you go. I got the average pace at 37 mins per mile which considering I need to do one mile every 30 mins to do 3 Yorkshire peaks in 12 hours I need to practice more and speed up. I will be using this app on other areas to get better idea of how I’d manage. Also I need to know what the downhill bits are like so I know if I could gain bit of time doing them faster. My balance isn’t great so I’m expecting to have to take it steady.

Fantastic! I've done the Yorkshire 3 Peaks many times and would thoroughly recommend it.

Having done lots of walking and even coming close to being vaguely fit at one time - I still always found the walk a challenge. It was designed to be so, even if you discount the 12 hours target. I would strongly encourage you to do lots of practice walks and get your general fitness up and walking boots broken in. That way you will stand more of a chance of enjoying it - and it should be enjoyed!

Do not plan on going faster when going down hill. While most sections are fairly well marked, with a clear path - they still can be a bit of a scramble and best not rushed. Far better to take your time, catch your breath and enjoy the view. Some people actually find it harder going down hill (me included)!

I can't advise on particular sections as I don't know which way round you are going. Most frequently I've done Penyghent, Whernside, Ingleborough but you can do it the other way. Obviously whats up one way round is down in the other. Also - be aware there is a steep short scramble up the back of Penyghent and steeper, more severe climb up the approach to Ingleborough if coming from Whernside.

Also, don't forget the weather & dress accordingly. The weather can be foul - with fog, driving rain/snow, or it can be baking hot sun. Often on the same day! :-)

Anway I would strongly encourage you to give it a go. If you don't try then you will never do it. It doesn't matter if you complete the whole walk, or just part of it. There's always next time! What matters more is you give it a go and enjoy it. One peak or three - you've tried and that will put you way ahead of most!

Good luck and have fun.

Thanks for the info. I am planning on going to just do one peak on my own to see how I get on. I will end up doing all 3 at some point been wanting to for long enough. I hope to do them with man who set the bi group up and raise money for the group as a thank you to him for everything he’s done for the group and me.

Thing is if or when I go with him to do all 3 it will be to do all 3 he’s done them before and will be doing all 3 and I will be determined to do all 3 so I don’t let them down or hold them back. So that’s whole idea of training and making sure by the time I go with them I will be able to complete all 3. I know it’s going to depend on how I am on the day weather I manage them but that will be the aim I haven’t waited this long to not manage them. As for the time I do them in I couldn’t care less just completing them will be a big achievement.

Toddamus in reply to keeley24

I would consider doing 1, then work your way up. June is a good time because of all the day light. But you need to be able to walk 20 miles comfortably before going for it. I live I the national park and see the the thousands of people going round. Don’t do it on a bank holiday. Good luck 😉

keeley24 in reply to Toddamus

I have always done a lot of walking so the distance shouldn’t be a problem. It’s the hills and uneven ground that will be harder for me which is why I’m focusing on hills and steps rather than distance.

Well good news today. Done a Santa walk/run with the group today and the man I’m wanting to do Yorkshire peaks with mentioned he was surprised I hadn’t mentioned the other thing (Yorkshire peaks) yet. So of course I used that chance to mention how much training I’ve been doing and completely unexpectedly he said we could do one of the peaks next year. I had been planning on going to do one sometime on my own but got no idea of way there or way round the peaks so would prefer to do it with the group also that will have added benefit of me being able concentrate on getting up and down safely and as fast as I can rather than recording how I get on.

Well the man seems to be sticking to his promise of doing one peak later this year. 😀

Spoke to him this week and basically agreed we START with one peak and take it from there which was best I could hope for right now. I am keen to do all 3 peaks but I know I need to actually manage one first. There is no point planning anything after one peak as if I struggle we will not end up doing more (I would still want to) if I manage ok I’m almost certain the man would do more another time 2 or 3 I’m not sure as I think he’s wanting this over now so he mite just agree to all 3 to get it done with, but doing 2?is always a longer option.

One of other staff who will be going seems keen on the idea proving she only kept saying no to this last year cos the man had said no. The other also did a walk at hope valley with us and honestly didn’t seem too keen on that and doesn’t seem keen on this. Not many will be going as not many could manage it.

I am going to do this as a sponsor to raise money for the charity as a thank you to the man who’s finally agreed to this. Going to keep it quiet from him until we have finished the peak and then give him the sponsor form and a letter where I’ll mention doing some more while we are there more as a joke but leaving it open to do more.

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