Just when you think you've, 'got it together'!

Alerted to my wife, my belief that the shower was not switching on at all. I tried to phone the fella who fitted it, to ask if he could visit. Thankfully I got the answer phone, so left a message.

This morning my wife informed me that the shower is in fact working!!!!!

There is a pull socket off to one side, that was off, I was merely using the switch in the unit! Two switches!

EMBARRASSED! In fairness to me this pull switch is never off, but of course its clearly visible, and pre accident I would have investigated, and of course found it! Just never occurred to me to look for alternative explanations. Pre-accident I used to consider options/alternatives, now I default to 'worse case answer!' the fact I had, had the washing machine go, and the dog had to go for a costly vet visit, probably explained my 'doom & gloom', however, a have learnt a lesson, I will investigate/think in future! Oh yeah, repair man's just been, and it was a genuine fault, that I couldn't have sorted, and it cost me less than £30, result! ;) .

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  • I had to smile... been there, done that and have the shower related tee shirt :)

    Glad the repair issue did not break the bank.

  • In retrospect I was so stupid, felt such a plonker! Thank god bloke has never replied to the answer phone! In some ways have come so far! But in others..........................! ;) You have to laugh! :)

  • You say 'however a have learnt a lesson, I will investigate/think in future!'

    That's what I say to myself but then when things like that happen I CAN'T think how I should or in other ways and STILL don't seem to be learning. Or I learn, do, then forget and can't, on and on = AWFUL.

    And some days trying to think and trying to look/move are TOO HARD, can't do coz al;ready feeling exhausted. And so the years roll by, I don't realise (my problem with TIME) and lots things NEVER get done like my TV: still not got working coz even the THOUGHT to do is too hard work when already so many things MUST do but aren't doing, can't.

    Makes me feel TOTALLY useless dumbo failure and others think I'm lazy I think. So far from the truth, in my opinion, I KNOW.

  • Muddled, sounds like a nightmare, my TBI occurred nearly 7 yrs ago, and my recovery has been good. I am pretty sure I will be able to learn from this experience! We shall see ! ;)

  • Lol! I do stuff like that! I can't always put the food processor together! And I don't have b.I! Just dylslexia.but hugs to you x

  • hi

    you are not alone

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