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Nice to know Im not crazy

Ive experianced a few situations where I thought I was crazy and reality shows me Im not.

Before my head injury (and afterward) my mum use to take me to a hoilday park in Dawlish and I remember that the kids club we were taken when the adults played bingo (before it was moved) was behind the laudrette and we had to be escorted there, I thought this was something I dreamed up (as it was 10 odd years ago in the 90's & I was between 7 & 10 years old) so I told a staff member via facebook this story and she said wow and sent me a free tea coaster, seperate from this but on the same lines, the lead entertainer decided to take his camaera and have a noisey behind the lautrette and low & behold there were still painted walls from what use to be the old childrens club which made me estatic with joy which has not been turned into a massive cleaners room.

A different story:

I told my mum that the top lock of our door to our flat kept sticking when I tried to open it, she thought it was just me and put some WD-40 spray in the lock (which solved the issue), turns out it wasnt just our flat (or me) that was experiancing this lock sticking issue, it was the entire (200 odd flats) block so we've had new locks fitted, when she told me I responsed with yay im crazy (no comment from her)

Just wanted to tell other people :) :) :)

Has anyone else has situations like this?

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Bexx why have you been considering yourself to be 'crazy'?! Our BI memory problems are not craziness they are just that we don't remember things so well. But like you have described in your post I can remember things in greater clarity that happened 10 years or more ago because my long term memory has not been wrecked by the BI. But my short term memory is a problem and I do forget things from earlier in the same day or the days, weeks, months before etc, which then means I am not storing the long term memories to 'remember' events post BI in the future. I have also lost a chunk of memories due to the BI of a few of the years before it.

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As ive said I think its because I make them up until im proven wrong and yes I lost a chunk of my child/teenage hood


Hi Strawberry and Bexx,

I think I understand a bit what bex refers to although for me it's usually related to sleep and sometimes a difficulty in working out which is real memory and which is false memory because I can't find the memory I'm looking for.

I also get flash backs but sometimes they relate to childhood bad dreams rather than bad 'real' experiences... at least I sincerely hope so.

My long term memory particularly very long has for some reason become extra powerful, remembering thing from when I could only have been 4 or 5 years old but in extreme detail even down to smells. Before my problem began I struggled to get back past age 16/17 (I'm now too close to 60).

BI is certainly weird and so individual it's no wonder the neuros often come up with vague or all encompassing answers.


I get flashbacks to conversations with doctors, counsellors and the psychiatric nurse: these replay year after year. Need resolution, explanation and help to get over all of it but still ongoing, need it to STOP before can try recover.


Hi Bexx,

I understand what you mean.My short term is naff but some of my long term seems to have gone too.My partner will reminisce about trips we took : 'remember when we went to blah, and did blah' and I can have no idea what he's talking about !So I will ask him the details and if it doesn't jog any memories I will just say so and take his word for it !I think this can also work the opposite way-if I remember something that he does not then I do wonder if I have got it right or if my head has mixed up some memories or even filled in a gap with something I have seen elsewhere ! It is always reassuring to have a memory proved correct : ) x

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Im like that with films and tv shows, I say I want to watch so and so and my bf is like we've seen that or he talks about a show and I go cant remember it and he starts describing it and im like still cant remember it


I keep trying explain how I am and keep being told 'psychiatric' = 'you're crazy'. In the end you start to believe them.


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