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Im 23 year old, 4 years into my court case, I had an appointment to see a neuro psychologist, she was working for the other side team.. I'm really annoyed with this, She toke my mum in the room to interview her before she worked with me. Not at any other Neuro psychologist have done this before is this normal or am I concerned for a reason.. Ive discovered she asked my mum questions that she did not ask me and when i was seen y her she rushed me right though this appointment and would not let me give other my story not let me complete what i remember.. because of this ive missed vital information i believe she should have known.. What are your thoughts we were seen separate? and to the rest?

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  • It's a very stressful time. I have been there and there are so many things I wish I had been able to say but forgot etc.

    The processes means that they get to read each other's reports, they look at what they agree on and what they definately don't agree on and what things they're a bit swithery about and come to something that they both agree on in the end. It takes an age.

    Don't worry too much about it and make sure you write down anything that is really bothering you and let your solicitor know.

  • its not the case im worried about? although can i ask how long yours toke? Its more the fact she kept interupting me and saying i thought you couldnt remember . If she let me finish shell then know what i did and didn't my case is against the local authority, only thing am annoyed by is she toke us separate first to ever do that and the person being my mother who i did not live with at time of accident nor seen her after it, she spent her days by the hospital bed only so she was not the best person to have been their

  • My case took 8 years.

    My case was against a local authority following a car accident.

    I hated it when people interrupted me or finished what I was saying.

  • Remember the neuro for the other side doesn't give a crap about you as a human being. Her main job is to discredit you however she can so you don't win. Plain and simple. Danslatete's comments are right on. Don't worry about the things you wanted to say and didn't. You did the best you could at the time, given the circumstances. Things have a way of working themselves out. You matter and I wish the best for you in your case. I'm not sure how the other side lives with the way they treat others, but that is a whole nother thing.

  • I did not see a neuro psych for a court case but when we did go they had sent pre interview questions to my husband and my Mum which we had to return to them and on the first day they did meet with my husband and I separately. They did this because they wanted to ask him for his observations and to know about changes , difficulties etc and they say some things might be difficult to ask in front of me or he might feel awkward to say how I was so different etc.. It also gives them another aspect to consider alongside medical reports and their own observations....So I would say it was normal...and sensible to do it this way.

  • i found that the opposition despite not supposed to being biased often were, they are chosen by the opposing solicitors precisely for that reason. To me you are presumed guilty before being proved innocent, they were presuming malingering, particularly someone like me who had the appearance of corpus mentus most of the time. My case lasted four years and was over in a day, never reaching the court as the majority of these dont. hang in there and accept that most of the consultants will be arseholes and dont expect justice, expect compromise, because that is what the process is designed to do, its not to put people in jail or close down departments its purely to give someone a slap on the wrist and then provide you with an income that is just enough to see you through the rest of your life.

  • oh yeah expect less compensation than you would like, it almost always is only just enough. my life is financially better but literally only by a bit

  • I experienced this with the other sides doctors too , I was under 18 at the time so my mum had to be present to all appointments and essentially the case went through her until I was 18, but I also experienced doctors interviewing my mum first when they were from my side too, i think it was just to get a better picture of me before and after the accident cause of how difficult it is for myself describe such a change, your parents witnessed it first hand. I wouldn't worry about her missing vital information , as I imagine you would have seen other professionals who have the full story and they will all receive eachother's reports. 4 years is a long time to wait , mine took 3 , which I thought was a long time.

  • Hi Hidden,

    Im afraid thats the way of the world and its the standard practice for any court cases that the other side will see all the information from your solicitor so they have all the facts in front of them.

    I completely agree with what others have said its a stressful time especially if you can't remember what happened fully and when they want to finish sentences for you, most enjoying. Try and be strong and take one day at a time and most importantly try not to worry about it. Have a fantastic Thursday. XX N

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