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Peed off

Totally peed off just got letter 2 say that i won't b moved on disability scale which means I have 2 go in 4 face 2 face assessments & I'm not happy about this the 1st time I had 2 do this I had a female who quite frankly I wouldn't leave in charge of a stale sandwich never mind a patient recovering from a brain injury she was more interested in the paper in front of her than me it took my husband 2 draw her attention 2 the fact I was upset & crying I want 2 find out what professionals wrote about me I'm sick of people having opinions about me without even meeting me & I'm sick of being made 2 feel like a dole scrounger I've worked 4 the past 33 years & never been unemployed & I'm really angry that I feel as if I have 2 constantly justify why I'm the way I am why did I bother 2 fight 2 live for this!!!!

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i am sorry to hear this it must be really hard for you

can you not appeal the decision? i think you can

i appealed a decision once and went to tribunal and won

as far as what they wrote you can write and ask for a copy of all paperwork held on you you will have to pay for it and i am not sure who you would contact but your entitled to .


I had the same problem last year and I got my MP Rosie Cooper involved who is absolutely wonderful and within weeks I was awarded the 2 enhanced rates of PIP backdated which I took a fantastic holiday in Crete with the proceeds. Try emailing your MP and take it from there


Never even thought of my mp thank u so much for this will let u no how I get on thanks again uve given me hope x


Glad to help. Hope everything works out for you. And remember MP,s are there to serve us not the other way round. I maybe ill but if I see a injustice I will do whatever possible to right the wrong


I agree with Margo & Jimbo. You have good grounds for an appeal, and involving your local MP can only strengthen that.

These bureaucrats work on the principle of weeding out so you need to stand out from the crowd, which an appeal can help you achieve.

Good luck Fergie. x


Shouldn't have 2 feel like a scrounger but I'm going 2 contact my mp & c how that goes will keep u updated thanks


Thank u will contact my mp & let u all no how I get on appreciate all responses x


Aw Fergie, that's not good at all. Good luck with your mp and definitely appeal it. It seems like anyone whose worked all their life and not had anything before has real difficulty getting anything when they actually need it. Keep fighting x

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Hi Fergie,

So sorry you're having so much trouble. As yet PIP hasn't been introduced in my area yet althugh universal credit is due to start if not already in place.

I left school at 16 and went straight into work and up until two, nearly three, years ago worked an average of 50+ hours a week and the last job I had for over 9 years I was working an average of 60+ hours a week over 5 days. I too have never been unemployed.

There has been a concerted campaign to move public opinion so that they believe that ALL benefit claimants are scroungers and lay abouts where as the reality is that several survey's show that deliberately fraudulant claims form a tiny pecentage (my mind keeps telling me less than 1 or 2 percent) and whilst I agree that those abusing the system should be found out and punished it is very wrong to paint all with the same brush.

My guess, and that is all it is, would be that the cost of the current system of assessing and dealing with apeals that are upheld are likely to cost more than the lost revenue from bad claims!

As for the fight to live well all I can say really is that if I can get past the waking up bit in the morning I always look at what follows, good OR bad, as a bonus. The alternative puts to much pain on the people you love and that love you in return.


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