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is it ok to fly 2 weeks after a bleed from my brain and brain surgery?


I had a bleed from the brain and then had brain surgery which was successful and I now feel very well. This was around 10 days ago and I am looking to fly to Greece this Saturday, that will be two weeks after my surgery. I want to no if it is safe to fly this soon? I feel 100% no pain and I am off painkillers. I will continue to take it easy to recover fully I am just hoping it is safe to fly so soon? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I was treated for my bleed in Salford Royal (Manchester) where I spent two months over-all. So I'm amazed and delighted to hear how well you're feeling after only two weeks, although I know how cases can differ.

I've just looked on Salford Royal's website where they state that there's no health risk from flying after a bleed. Their only concern seems to be that it may be too tiring for someone who, ideally, needs to be recuperating and resting after the procedure for a bleed. (I presume you had a coil fitted ?)

I wish you well Jake, although it seems you already have a great deal of luck on your side. Enjoy Greece !

If you think that you can gt enough rest and comfort time-go for it.


Dear jakehassell

Thank you for your question.

Headway would always recommend that you speak with your doctor or healthcare professional that is looking after you. There is general information about brain injury and flying, however each case is individual. It can depend on the type of surgery you have had and the persons general health.

Best wishes


I asked my doctor same question 3.5 months after my spontaneous aneurysm/brain haemorrhage in Mar 2013 - his question was how long will the flight be? I was flying from Beziers/France to Luton/UK. 1 hr+ was answer - if it would have been longer - don't know what his answer would have been. I wanted his answer before I booked flight with Ryannair.

2 wks after I was discharged from hosp - had been in 10 days - 1st 3 were in a coma - I felt great! Was driving again here in France after 2 weeks out.

Serious or lesser effects of a Brain Injury can take several weeks / months to manifest - so personally will not comment as to whether you should go for it or not but I second Headways Comment re speaking to your Doctor.

Finally ......glad to hear you are out and feeling so well - as long as you have a good support team around you i.e. family / friends -both eat and rest properly - I hope things will continue to improve for you. If you go - have a great holiday :-)

Thank you all for the response. I have had a phone consultation with the surgeon as I was up north when I had the accident and was treated at Royal Salford hospital but I live down south. He said they advise 6 weeks for the scull to heal as I have had little titanium coils fitted. He also said that it is very unlikely to cause a risk but as my scull is fractured it could cause a problem with the pressures during the flight. Everyone seems shocked how well I am feeling and have recovered, I am just very lucky and don't want to put myself at risk but I need to be in Rhodes as I am working there for the summer playing guitar at peoples weddings! So its kind of a big deal. There are ways of getting there without flying but its 48 hours of traveling through Europe and I think I would get lost! Its a real tough decision because I no that I will be fine but there is just that risk that I don't no if its worth taking. thank you all for you replies :)

Negeen in reply to jakehassell

Stay, don't risk it! Good luck!

anyone good at planning a roadtrip?! haha. London to Rhodes with no planes!

Negeen in reply to jakehassell


Trains ;-)

And make sure you have great health insurance that still covers and brain related issues, they might not cover previous conditions.

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