Who can you turn to

Just been re-reading HEADWAY literature again before showing my GP (see my Post about GP support) and it has brought back the problems I had and how I was treat by The Community

This has brought on a bout of depression / anxiety as I am imaging that I suffered from everything listed as I cannot remember anything even from 2 years ago never mind 40 - 50 years ago

I have seen a Counsellor (Didn't know much not a great help) awaiting to see a cognitive therapist (why)

Who can you approach for help

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the GP'S don't want to know or have not got time, or are misinformed go and ask headway Rotherham about their attempt to inform and educate local GP'S, my neurologist and two doctors did not tell me about headway despite the fact they knew or had information about headway, my own doctor said he did not think it included me because I got mine from a vaccination , looks like you have to been in a car crash or something like to get help.


Hi dillm. If you're to see a cognitive therapist then that's good. They will probably help you to make your thoughts more manageable by calmly getting you to examine what's fact & what's fiction............and how to control/dispel implausible ideas.

I used to think the whole business of therapy was farcical until I met up with a good one who I saw every week for 12 months. I greeted him by saying "This will be a waste of your time and mine" and on my final farewell I said "There's no way I can ever thank you enough".


Cat3, I wish I had someone like that over here!


Hi cat3

Sometimes I wish I had not been reminded of the events of 1964 when I had my TBI just been to eye clinic who tell me I had a life threatening brain injury which may have affected my vision rrrrrrrrrrr!!

Thanks for your support


When you see the therapist will you let us know what you think of him/her. I know it can take a few sessions to familiarise yourself with new treatments but I'd be interested to hear what you make of it once you've got the measure of things.

Give pooches a cuddle from me ! :-/


Alfie and Smudge send a sloppy lick


Already decided to raise profile of Headway when I get appointment


Good for you dillm. My GP practice now has a new website so I'll be raising the BI issue & Headway profile there as there's a special section inviting patients to suggest moves for improving care, including issues they feel strongly about. x


PS Thanks to Alfie & Smudge !


Hi dillm, don't know if this is of any help or not - but can you can you say what precisely you want/need help for or with, perhaps start with making a list - a bit like a pros and cons list.

If you can qualify what help you want, physical, emotional, therapeutic,- and what in particular causes you the most problems, then perhaps its a start to finding out who or what is the person/expert in that field, to turn to.

Re memory, you said you don't even remember things from 2 years ago never mind 40-50 years before! Are you in contact with any family members or old friends from any of your previous years, who you could talk to and ask them to remind you about events at school, or family celebrations.

I don't know about you, but I find certain certain records, music or news events, suddenly take me back to a time and era from the past. An example - all the news earlier this year about the train line being washed at Dawlish Warren in Devon, after all the rain and bigs seas - suddenly brought back the memory that I had cycled there with a friend from School in Tor quay. Also prior to that, when I was at boarding school in Surrey, I used to be taken to the station at Padding ton to be put on the train for the West Country Line and my dad used to meet me at Torquay Station and the train used to go along that line at Dawlish Warren!

I suddenly found that one thought/memory was leading to another. The same happens if I hear a song that suddenly takes me to a certain time in my life and certain memories. Perhaps you could try listening to the radio via freeview tv - they seem to play music from all the decades. I guess you and I are similiar ages so probably listened to the all the rising popstars - the advent of real music I think of it compared to some of todays pop artists. All things that coud be added to your list of 'memories' if they come flooding back!

Also about wanting to promote Headway in local to you, public places or Doctor Surgery. Before my BI last year I was a volunteer helper with a local Cancer Charitable Association here in France, that gave different support (not a forum like we have here) but with translation and helping people at appointments, or just listening to them, if they did not speak the language and we also promoted the Cancer Charities in UK as a means and way of finding other information about their specific cancer.

The Association produced a 'poster' which they emailed to us initially so we printed a few of our copies to distribute in our own local areas but they then produced leaflets some of which were 3-fold so people could put in pocket or handbag - which many of us then took to our local doctors surgery, libraries, tourist information bureau, popular venues in built up towns where we knew several expatriates lived.

By doing that we promoted awareness of the CSF charity to english speaking cancer patients living in France, of any nationality and in brief, services offered, gave details of helpline phone number, and website address. We have grown so much over the years its about pointing the way, to those you are trying to help and make them aware.

I would suggest you contact Headway and have a chat about it with them first, because you would need permission to reproduce their logo. On one ex-pat forum here I'm a member of I've mentioned Headway several times and have been in contact with a couple of people with brain injuries here.

I wish you every success in the meantime in finding the right people to help you once you decide in which areas you need to find that help. As you know we have a wealth of experience here on the Headway forum in finding sources of help and advice, please do keep in touch in with us here on forum, so we can continue supporting you.

Keep well, Shirley xxx


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