How can I close the box

two months ago I was researching brain injury for my son unfortunately the research has unlocked the box in my brain where I kept the information following my own TBI 50 years ago I.e lost my friends , education went down hill, etc. How can I close the box as the memoires are making me bitter

My GP is referring me for counselling and has prescribed antidepressant's

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quite normal best not to panic a councellor will be a great help in puting all the pieces back in place neil


ta only thing is I have been a "born" worrier since my TBI if you can understand that


join the club anxiety and worry is my second name but i did find a councellor and anti pepreseants helped me neil


Maybe it's not a good idea to close the box if there's still bitterness to be dealt with. It sounds like your doctor is taking you seriously by taking this two-fold approach, which is great, but it will probably take a while for either treatment to take effect.

Still, you know now that help is coming your way and, although I was initially very cynical, counselling worked wonders for me. It can be an enormous release, laying out all your private emotions in front of a totally impartial stranger and (most importantly) you are able to rid yourself of thoughts and ideas you didn't even know you were harbouring.

I hope you don't have to wait too much longer to close that box,dillm. xx


I am with cat here there is no closing the box you need to deal with the issues and councilling is probably the best way


Thanks everyone as I have said before this forum is therapeutic I know it's not the same as a healthcare proffessional but it helps more than you can imagine


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