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My son and his tbi

Our son was involved in a serious car crash end of December 2013. With massive injuries all over his body the surgeons was only bothered with his head he suffered multiple brain contusions and the only options was to (a)do a double craniotomy to relieve the pressure or (b) to pump him full of drugs to induce a deep coma we chose option(a) within the first few days he got a lung infection we nearly lost him again with pneumonitis setting in after bombarding with antibiotics this started clearing up. After spending 5 weeks in icu Leeds he was transferred to icu scunthorpe and then to trauma unit there for 3 weeks. After the tracheostomy was removed he was moved to a special neuro at Goole hospital. During the first weeks he started to move his right arm and leg and even managing to lift a glass of water with some help and sip it. His left side has remained motionless with only slight movement. He was able to speak but not clearly and could remember people and there names. He broke his neck in 5 places and had a collar on for 12 weeks since then he seems to have had a relapse he does not speak to us does not move and just seems all he wants to do his close his eyes and sleep. Before the accident he was a fit strong 20 year old who trained every day at the gym, went swimming and did a bit of running. All sorts of things are going through our minds and we as a family are being strong for him and hope that this relapse will pass and he goes on to make a good recovery. Sorry if this is a long first post but I thought it was about time I put pen to paper so to speak and share our story with you all john

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Gosh this is a really terrible time for you. Is your son still getting the same input but not responding as well as he did before? Has he had a medication change?

All I felt like doing was sleeping but then I was no where near as injured as your son. Keep a diary and speak to the staff. If in any doubt ask the doctors to explain the what's and whys.


In the squeem of things my injoury was minor but I spent most of December asleep my wife had been worried but was reassured by the nurses that it was normal and to be expected .


I can relate so much to your story, my son and daughter were involved in a serious car accident 18months ago. Jack was 10 at the time, and to save his life to relieve the pressure they had to remove 2 large parts of his skull the day after the accident. That night when going to theatre, I couldn't say goodbye, I thought it was the last time we would see him alive. A year ago, he had his skull replaced, and has made good progress, still not the same boy i once had, and that's very hard to come to terms with.


Hi what a terrible and worrying time for you and your

Family can I ask did your son have a bleed on or near his

Brain stem I ask because I was in the next cubical to a young

Guy who suffered an aneurysm on his brain stem and had all the

Physical problems that you have mentioned with your son

He was two or three weeks into his treatment when I arrived on

The HDU unit and he still had a trach tube but from speaking to his

Wife he had come a long way from a vegetative state to regaining

Movement in his right side he spent most of the time asleep

I often wonder how he is doing, there is always hope that poor guy

Was given an hour to live when he arrived they saved his life and day

By day he was improving it will be a long road ahead but great things

Can happen and the will to live is strong medicine my thoughts are with

You Dave

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My heart goes out to u how cruel with someone so fit and young don't give up keep praying your son will come back to you he is young and strong he can fight this lots of love thinking of you xxxx


Our sons brain injury was also at the end of December 2013. A week or so ago He started sleeping a lot more and it was found to be caused by excess fluid on his brain. Following a lumbar puncture we are now waiting for a shunt to be fitted. If he hasn't had one recently ask for another ct scan which will show if there is excess fluid or not.


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