My brain needs a rest - too many appointments and too much time spent on computer trying to catch up. Tomorrow I'm going to have a day off and totally relax! , so sorry if I have or will miss replies to other posts on HW.... I can't be the only one who needs a 'day off' ocasionally.... or even more often. I just feel like I want to do nothing now.

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Good for you Shirley......you deserve it after the hectic time you've had recently. Feet up, good music & maybe even a cake or two ! XXX :-)


no your right but im back on here and hospital 9.30 dreading it i no they will just ay yet again nothing we can do at least this appointment not far i best move ot ill be late then not happy doc ill see i got no 1 around 2 help or come 2 listen with me fed up life i no shouldnt be but you get rest our minds get tired easy take care having rest v x


good for you,hope you have a good break ,dont worry if u miss a few posts or replys,you ave always been here fr us,and we all know you care,x


while I have comaprtivly minor injoury to most/all on here. And I have started going back to work a few days a week for a few hours, I do quite often crash out on free days, getting exausted does one no good, nor am I any use at work at home like that so I do still go and if not sleep, rest often after work or just have a day doing nothing but tea and cake say...


Good for you Shirley, we will still be here, the reason I seem to always be on here is because I use my iPad and every time I open it my emails are here so it's no hardship, first thing I do in the morning and last thing at night plus lots of times during the day, my husband bought me this before I was ill and it's one of the best presents ever, I have games and puzzles on it and my kindle books and also I have downloaded an app that gives me free audio books , so it reads to me when I can't be bothered, the wonders of technology eh?

Anyway, I digress, have a good rest, I need time to rest every day or I can't get through the day

Speak again soon

Love Janet xxxxx


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