I rode a horse today!!!!

I wasn't sure I would ever ride again, as I have been preoccupied with the fear of falling off and hitting my head. My TBI was caused by a pony pushing me over when I was stood on the ground not a riding accident but the fear of a further BI has so far held me back from living. I have become so depressed because I live and breath horses and I had to rehome my horse after the accident, but today a little bit of "old" Jenny came back. The horse I road is an old cob (big chunky, sensible), she has been semi retired but needs to keep moving as she has arthritis in her leg. I'm so over galloping across Dartmoor so a ride on a sensible old horse at a walk was perfect. Her owner rode her new, younger horse and we were out for a good two hours. I still can't quite believe it but I'm so happy I did it. The anti anxiety drugs are obviously working cos I didn't panic too much. Hopefully this indicates a new more positive chapter in my life, where I give the middle finger to the brain injury

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  • fab! not a horse but the bike i got back on, is a old comfortable very stable thing.

    my wife calls it the "comfort bike" there is a lot to be said for stuff/people/animals that give you confidence.

  • My next mission is to get back on my moped. But I'm still waiting for DVLA to decide if I can have my licence back.

  • the bike was and is a bicycle which helped me loads in the early days my wife went with me, and after that I started to move about the place on short safe trips.

    was lovely getting my license back after 6 months, though I'm still fairly careful as I tired so quickly

  • Well done Jennaberri for your brilliant achievement. Hopefully getting over your initial fear will now mean you will gradually be confident to get back in the saddle more often. Doesn't matter that you are riding a chunky old cob as will still give you pleasure.

  • What wonderful therapy Jenna. I love horses though I've never ridden one, sadly. But I think I can understand the joy of being 'at one' with such a magnificent animal and the freedom of the experience.

    I'm so happy for you. You must be feeling great relief after this achievement ; well done girl !! xx

  • Fantastic news! Well done you for over coming your fears.

  • really really great! go you!

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