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Hello, coincidental the last post was about getting a job. I've really struggled with work forever but worse since head injury. I came to Spain for warmth but it costs more to survive here, not really sure what to do so please help me with your message/s.

I feel my English teaching is not good and I'm living in hostels or camping. I could really do with a home. Is it possible to survive in England or is it as terrible as I've heard? Many thoughts! New year, new ideas. Thanks

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  • A'h Luke I really feel for you. How's it going exactly there? I used to travel a lot and loved meeting the world in hostels and campsites, some were good others not so. I don't know Spain particularly well but I know the unemployment rate is high. These are challenging times, even here people are despairing and glum. It is exceptionally grey, dingy, dismal, depressing weather, the usual for this time of year. Is there anyway you can stick it out longer in Spain? For instance, Is there an ex-pat community who need odd jobs doing; like painting, gardening, handyman type jobs? Get networking.

    I know your family here aren't particularly supportive. So always a good reason not to return. It will be the same as it ever was on that front! Everything's such a struggle here too.

    Good Luck with finding work! x

  • Thank you. I registered for work away on arrival but its slow to find a host.

    I got a job in Catalunya but found it way too much for me. Maybe I should go back to it? I can do it, although I feel in over my head, accommodation is a problem and...I'm looking for perfect!

    Thank you so much

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  • Not sure sitting by a computer is for me.


  • Hi Luke, I seem to recall reading somewhere that Spain is the one country in Europe that permits camping anywhere? if that's correct try not using camp sites as that would extend your finances, or maybe you have thought of that? as Swedish says if you can stick things out any longer do so at all costs as returning to old blighty can be a downer (even in the best of health) as one who has also travelled some I know only to well. The idea to look for an ex-pat community is excellent advice as 'God loves a trier' I think the saying goes. Like to see how you get on Luke, keep us posted.

  • Thank you

    I've been free camping for years.

    Will check out the expat idea, thanks.

    Poor old Britain?

  • Glad to hear that mate, no point in paying when you can get it for free, that's what I say!

  • Yeah but it gets lonely, dirty and tiring. Been in a hostel now for longer than I planned and thinking about going back to Catalunya for the job I have there BUT... that was really tough for me. Not many options. Maybe should try it again. It will be some cash coming in. I find planning hard so just react when I don't like something or I want something.

    Thoughts appreciated, thank you

  • Empathise with the planning and impulsivity Luke, its probably like that for all with BI, truck on buddie.

  • Thank you sir

  • lukeb if youre thinking of coming back, sneak in as an illegal immigrant, youll get a house and benefits!!!

  • 😄

  • Hello Luke,

    Have you tried reading the English papers as they sometimes advertise for a live in care worker, that would solve your living conditions and have a small wage. I hope it helps. With much thoughts and prayers Liz

  • Thanks so much Liz. I'm really at a crossroads here. I have the option to go back to a teaching English job in Catalunya but it feels too much for me. Not only the job but living in a hostel, getting to the job and around the town. Guess that's working life. I have worked since head injury but accommodation has been secured as has my place of work.

    Bless you

  • Gosh, what a difficult decision you have to make, maybe your mind needs to have a rest. Can you change directions in life by doing something totally different, as you must be an intelligent young man so a change in the job front might be what you need.? I hope you find the right direction for your life.

    Also have you had help with you head injury?

    Take Care Bless You Liz x

  • Yes,that's what I need.

    I struggled with work before head injury in 2008~ the same year the world started to worry more about money!

    I wasn't able to find direction before I went to China in 2012 and that wasn't with the main idea of teaching English. Now I'm back in a similar position except my parents have made things so uncomfortable for me I'm not at home.

    What a stress.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

  • lukeb all joking aside, i suffered a stroke in 2012 which left me with a brain injury, first 6 months i was a sweet as a nut as if nothing had happened, gradually i changed.

    i became aggressive with mood swings, in appropriate behaviour indoors and out, noise intollerant. i have a neuro psychiatrist as well as psychiatrist.

    a couple of years ago iwas also diagnosed with epilepsy.

    you will find you become fatigued very quickly,listen to your body and take notice, if possible just take half day jobs so you have time to rest.

    as far as noise is concerned, i use the rubber industrial ear plugs.

    all the best


  • Thanks Steve

  • I would struggle to hold down a full time job here in the UK. That’s due to fatigue.

    We run our own business from home and that allows me to rest when I need.

    We love to travel and it’s great for down time.

    Drop me a message if you would like some more information on what we do. It’s only a UK based opportunity.

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  • Thanks but not so keen on using computers much

  • I think the UK weather downer is attitude. I know go out when ever the sun comes out. You be surprised how many sunny days we do have. I want to live and work in Spain but I looking a dual living and trying to train for work that's portable. Are you any good making thing, could you do care or support work of any type. I think there is more work in the UK but it's low paid. You don't sound tied down so I would just give things a try you have nothing to lose.

    Best wishes

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