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Hi My name is Billy and as a result of an accident in 1986 i suffered a tbi. Since then and up until now I have been unable to access any support for the consequences of my injury. Although the recovery was dramatic and it allowed me to participate in life I have never understood the nuances of how my injuries have affected my relationships with others. For example apart from suffering memory problems I have spent 30 yrs suffering from occasional lapses of receptive aphasia and facial blindness without even knowing that these were recognisable conditions. These conditions and my lack of concentration can change me from being competent to a babbling idiot almost in the space of a conversation and worse of all I do not know when it is happening. More and more as these conditions have been declining I am becoming my own worse enemy as in frustration I have been lashing out verbally at people around me and this has made me reclusive leaving home only when the milk runs out etc and even then ending up ranting at some poor shop assistant.

Just reading other peoples experiences and being able to put a name to my conditions has been greatly appreciated and that along with feeling the love and understanding in the room I feel will help me cope better with what the future will bring.

I have to remind myself and that it is not all bad and that often it is up to me to look around and just appreciate all the joy and beauty that is around me. Even in the fiercest storm there is calm spot inside it and taking time out to look for it is often the best copping strategy I have so I hope by sharing it that it works for you too

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You have been coping in your own way for a long time now Billy and I found your last two paragraphs really touching...........and poetic !

I'm glad you've found comfort here and if you believe that you might still benefit from some professional support you could phone the Headway helpline. It's free to phone & there's nothing to lose but maybe help/advice/support to gain ?

The tel.no.is 0808 800 2244 9am-5pm.........& some say how it's made a big difference to their lives.

Best wishes to you, Cat x


Hi Cat Yes i have been coping just not very well for the last few yrs and it seems like one self induced disaster after another lol. Calling the helpline has made a difference, it was them that suggested i use the chat room thanks.


Glad you've found us Billy and if ever you need to talk about any of your self-induced disasters there'll be someone here to 'listen'. Take care x


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