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Hi my name is Max, I have a brain injury after 2 big motorbike accidents and this has left me with bad short term memory and the inability to work out which emotions are real and not real. I have rented a place in Glastonbury and after failing credit refs I was asked to provide 6 months up front rent and a 6 week deposit and all of the subsequent charges. 5 months later the landlord has asked for another 6 months up front. We still have a month paid for and the landlord is using threatening language talking about taking us to court and that he has been ''lenient'' with us so far, as if he has done me a favour. I have a 6 year old and adjusting to life with my injury is bad enough but the feeling that I am not safe to keep my living space is causing me serious dread. I already had to walk away from the landlady as my arguments now consist of that is not fair to complete rage, which just makes me look bad. The landlord has now made me pay a further deposit of 600 pounds, in effect another deposit. I still have another month of rent yet to elapse and this constant talk of me not being trustworthy tennant is driving me insane. so as it stands I have paid 6 months upfront of which there is still a month paid a 6 week deposit and now a further 600, can somebody tell me this is fair or not. My rehab does not start until end of July, without my wife this would be hell, the more stress the worse my memory becomes, I forgot how to get home from my local Tesco the other day which is around the corner!

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  • Go immediately to your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They will tell you how to deal with this bully. The law is on your side, you just need to find out how you stand. The stress will not do you any good at all. Have you also contacted the Housing Department at your local council. As you have a child, they might find you a property.

  • What does your contract say? What was/is due according to that? Presumably another month (don't they usually keep one month in hand?).

    I would ask a non bi person to look at it with you.

    Good luck

  • Hi, the contract was paid up until the end of this month June and this will have been for 6 months. Everyone else in this building pays a rolling contract after the first 6 months, also after having a 3 month visit which we have had and passed. This flat is seriously mouldy another flat without gas heating. The landlord has been hassleing for the last 4 weeks for us to pay 6 months upfront again and another 300 hundred for ref checks. Anyway I have caved as I cannot separate real emotion from panic made up ones, very difficult to stop worrying. So now the landlord has still got his 6 months due to elapse at the end of this month, a deposit of 6 weeks and now a further deposit of 600 and now I have to pay a rolling contract, so my now untrustworthy soul has given over 10 weeks deposit. The language used towards me has been legal threats even were told that we were being treated with lenience. I have been a landlord and when I thought I had a good tenant I bought the guy a washing machine, I was so happy to have someone who was happy to look after my flat. I thought I was the client, regardless of my finances especially if I paid 6 months upfront. Very frustrated and unhappy, waiting for the MRI results and the specialist was talking about possible early Alzheimers. A safe bubble is all I want right now, shame money is not enough these days.

  • Your local councillor holds surgeries in your constituency and should be able to help with this. You should get their details from the town hall.

  • Thank you all very much for the helpful advice.

    I will definitely go to my local Library and speak to someone from the Council, if I take my tenancy agreement they'll be able to look at it also and tell me what our rights are as a family.

    Thanks again!

  • I might also speak with my gp surgery...have it noted and see if anyone can advise more.

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