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I had a fall

Yesterday, was the day where I went to my other disabled group, Dis-play.

I go there, usually every two weeks with my mum and we usuually go by taxi.

Anyway, when we got to the group, I went to get out of the taxi and sort of tripped and lost my balance and fell on the floor.

I bent my leg and it felt like at the knee that the muscles had been torn or were sprained. Everything else was ok and I didn't have any marking on my knee.

The walk to the taxi after my Dis-play group was a little tough as my walking had slowed down even more.

We got home, I had a bath and put some dead sea minerals in and six drops of lavendar essential oil in the tub. I had a nice soak and then had a little shut eye for about an hour-an hour and a half.

When I woke up, my knee felt kind of warm and I could feel that the lavendar had/has done good.

It was still pretty hard to walk but I felt confident that the oil would work much better overnight.

Anyhow, before I went to bed I rubbed in some lavendar essential oil with fractionated coconut oil. Some frankincense essential oil and fractionated coco oil and some diluted helichrysum essential oil.

The next morning, today, it feels a lot better. I have walked around and it is a lot easier to walk on. It doesn't quite feel 100% but definitely 90% better.

Now if I were using some commercialised ointment that I got from the chemist, my knee wouldn't be feeling this good. How do I know? Because I've tried it before.

For me, pharmaceuticals are junk, nature is the way to go.

Me and my mum have tried passing natural remedies onto others before and most don't believe in it. We were talking to my uncle not long ago and he has some problems with his knees. My mum told him to put cayenne pepper on it and he said "I don't like pepper". She said "You don't eat it, you just rub it on your knees". (This is another remedy I could have used if I wanted to). But he is somebody who chooses not to believe in nature and would rather listen to mainstream media.

Mum said afterwards "I can't believe how people would rather sit there and suffer rather than do something about it".

If you had to be somewhere at somepoint and a couple of days before this event you came down with a cold, the logical thing would be to get rid of the cold so you are well enough for this event, right?

Well pharmaceutical cold and flu drugs wont cut it.

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Glad you are feeling better.And natrual remidies one point ibrofuen zero!


Thanks Heath :). And I know I said 90% better, I would change that to about 80-90% better :).

As I was walking around more I could feel more muscles that had been affected in the fall. My right leg has got a little bit of the tension in some muscles and it was my left knee that got the worst of it!

Anyway, I can make bigger strides today as I walk whereas yesterday evening I had trouble walking!

When you say "natural remedies one point ibuprofen zero" do you mean nature 1-0 ibuprofen, something like that?

I just looked at some of the ingredients to Ibuprofen. Most seem to be derivatives or some chemical but one alarming thing was that it has titanium dioxide in it!

I know metals are not good for human health anyway and according to Dr. Mercola, titanium dioxide can be bad for the brain and is a probable carsinogen.

Glad I don't rely on pharmaceutical junk no more.

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yeah i menat the nature thing! score one for the natrual way!

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Hi Matt, Great post. Lavender used in the right way intensely for a few days in its essential oil pure form, can be as powerful as shelf purchased items in chemists.

Hope you enjoy many more snoozy lavender salt baths! My favourite past time! In fact I had one last Thursday! :-) Still have to pinch myself that I can relax that deeply - the memories of healing are becoming more distant.

Always keep some Echinacea and ginseng and vit C 1000mg for a potential cold with of course lots of garlic and ginger in my food over several days. My boss had a cold last month for about three weeks, coughing everywhere, it passed me by!!

Take care of your good self x


Hi H,

Thanks for your words of wisdom :). You seem to know a lot more than I do when it comes to natural health.

I drink a lot of ginger tea now, or even Pukka's ginger, lemon and manuka honey. Usually if I get cold symptoms I drink one of those teas and am bright as a button the next day :).

One thing I shall add is that a few years ago I think I had small stomach bug and I was lying down for most of the day. I asked my mum to attach a slice of onion to the bottom of each foot and about half an hour later I was feeling a lot better.

I read somewhere that putting slices of onion on your feet let's the onion/antioxidents enter the bloodstream quicker or something along those lines.

Take care,


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Hi Matt, glad your remedies are working and you're feeling a bit better. Kx

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Thank you K :).


Hi Matt, good to hear that your knee is improving and you are ok. I usually apply 'deep heat' ointment for my strains/sprains. Claire xx

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Hi Clara,

Thanks, I'm fine thank you. Hope you're well too.

I forgot about Deep heat but I don't usually have that around handy as it's not often I get muscle pain.


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