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i was quite shocked

i had a financial assessment today from the council

as i have had funding to attend headway and community steps

well i gave them all my details and he ignored my wifes income initially as it was my assessment

anyway it turns out that i would have had to pay £55 a week towards my care which is a few quid above my care component of my DLA, now my care component goes towards but comes no where near to being spent on weekly fuel about £57week electric for lift chair toilet cpap maybe 20month? insurance for lift 2000 5(years) health products 30month plus a host of other

plus all the little stuff you don't realise you need

yet they wanted to take all my care allowance plus some

which would have meant that i would no longer be able to attend headway,

but he is allowed to take my wifes income into account which means the bills aren't halved and thankfully i dont have to pay anything now

but it was a close call, and i dont believe that because you get 53 care component they can take it all and leave nothing left for your other care needs (its bloody expensive being disabled and people think we are well off cuz we get DLA ha, i would like to see them live a disabled life with all the equipment and logistical care you need for 53 quid a week

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