Shocked at the diagnosis of a subdural haematoma


I don't really know what to say except I've received a lot of comfort from reading other people's posts on Headway. I also suffer from lack of information about my condition and information on living with it.

It seems any operation would be dangerous as I take warfarin having had a heart valve replacement operation a few years ago. I was shocked at the diagnosis and completely went to pieces, imagining I could die at any moment.

This was very difficult for my husband, I know I should be grateful to be living at all but I was very down. I still am but more able to cope now and pretend everything is not too bad.

Every one seems very supportive on this forum and most have far more to cope with than I have at the moment so thank you all.

Susan x

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Hi Susan,

Sending you lots of love and good wishes for your problems. Do hope you manage to find some answers, I know info is not always very forthcoming from the medical profession. Do phone Headway to discuss your situation, they really are very knowledgeable.



Hi Jan

Thank you for your kind reply, you are not the only one to suggest phoning Headway so I will do so in the next few days.

Thank you



Welcome Susan. Please give Headway a ring before they close for the weekend on 0808 800 2244. It's a free call (office hours) and they can supply you with printed information about your condition. I'm sorry there are complications stopping you from having surgery, and please don't underplay the issue to us here ; each person's health problems are significant to themselves & their families and aren't comparable to anyone else's.

Please stay around and (though the site is unusually busy just now) there'll be someone ready to listen and offer support.

Best wishes from Cat xx


Hi Cat

Thank you for your kind and informative reply, I will phone and try to get some info. as knowing how not to make matters worse for myself from the point of view of living with the diagnosis would be of great help and give me more to focus on.

Best wishes



Hi Susan, I know it's hard when given such a worrying diagnosis, I found lots of help on the headway website and just putting your diagnosis in the search box. I was told six years ago I had a brain aneurysm, it took seven months until I had surgery, which I found hard, imagining my last birthday Christmas etc, but tried to remain positive. Late last year it was found my aneurysm had grown, I didn't feel as positive this time, I had previously been told it would be catastrophic if it burst, and had the fear it would burst,either spontaneously or during surgery, so much so I wrote goodbye letters to my children. It might be helpful to speak to your gp, anti depressant or anti anxiety meds may help in the short term. My aneurysm burst in January, before I could have surgery, on my return home I was frightened to turn off my phone at night, in case anything happened, this feeling has eased, as I'm sure your worries will, it will always be there at the back of your mind, but try to not let it overtake your life, take care and I hope you can find some peace xx


Thank you so much for your reply, you have had a really hard and frightening time yourself and presumably you did get emergency surgery so I hope you are progressing well.

I have not had good experiences with anti depressants in the past so I am loath to ask for that sort of help at the moment but if things get worse then I will.

I really have let this overtake my life recently, my husband has been very patient most of the time, but I know I must make the effort to put it at the back of my mind and get back to living as normally as possible.

It seems horrid to think that someone else's bad time can make you feel a bit better but to know that someone else understands how it feels helps so much with the loneliness.



I'm assuming this is a chronic Subdural Heamatoma? I.e. No initial injury?

Generally rule of thumb with NHS is if they keep you waiting they aren't worried.

Is the operation planned?


Hi Roger,

It is an acute over chronic Subdural Haematoma, I banged my head badly late last year causing, presumably, the acute but not sure about the chronic. I started having slight balance and memory problems about 18 months to a year ago so looking back this might have been the chronic. I don't know. I went to the GP as a result of headaches early this year hence the diagnosis.

There is no operation planned as I take warfarin, the operation could make matters worse and as I have apparently minimal side effects now I would have to be far worse before an operation could be considered if at all.

But you are right I think, there appears to be no worry at the moment. I was upset to think I will not even be monitored but just to complain if things get worse.

Thanks for your interest.



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