I can actually hang up my clothes!!

At the beginning of last month, my big bro moved out!

Finally! Is what I thought.

It only took him over a month to rid most of the crap in his room. Honestly, his room looked like a warehouse.

So because of him, he was practically forcing me to live in a cardboard box of a room. This is why I was on the verge of moving out, but you know, brain injury. It's a bit difficult.

Anyway, now that oaf has gone there is more room in the house. My clothes are no longer strategically folded in plastic tubs anymore. I have now adopted his wardrobe that is falling to bits :).

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Hi Matt,

I get the feeling you might be a tiny bit happy about getting big bro's room.....

Trouble is until big bro's gone you don't know how much you'll miss him... oaf or not.

Still I remember, vividly, getting my own room and having my own space and getting to choose the carpet and wall paper, everything really. Just so exciting.

Wardrobe in bits or not, it's still a wardrobe.... just hope there's no Lion, Witch or Ice Queen behind it lol.


I am sure I will miss my bro a lot in time but as for now,mit just seems like he is at work for a really long time, but that's nothing out of the ordinary :).

I wouldn't t really care for no ice queen behind my wardrobe, more loke an ice cream :).


You'll have to wait till sundae for that :-)

The other thing is, are you a glass half full or a glass half empty kind of guy?

As for me if it ain't FULL I ain't interested lol



I am a bit of both. I was asked that question once before at my local Headway. The answer back then was 'half empty' and that could be seen as a negative sign.

I suppose If you fill a cup up with water and you drink some, the cup would become half empty.

but if you were walking around the house like a headless chicken and you saw a cup on the table and it had water in it, then it would be half full. So I see it both ways. I am cool like that haha :).


Oh yeah. So nice to have your own space again! I have been on my own since April, and am really enjoying it!


Glad you are enjoying it, Nutkin :).


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