How the times have changed

I am sure that you are all aware of the problems I have had since suffering a Life Threatening TBI 50 years ago

My wife had a stroke recently which left her with a shrunken cerellebum (the part of the brain which controls balance I f I recall correctly) since the scan results came back the amount of support from the hospital, GP is amazing and I can't praise the NHS staff high enough

I wish that I had been given the same support 50 years ago

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  • Aww, does your sweet wife have balance problems?

  • yes bless her

  • Maybe some physocal therapy can help?

  • hospital have already arranged all sorts of therapy for her over next 2 months just glad we live in the UK dread to think of cost if we lived in a country without universal health care such as the USA

  • Yea, it's awful here because of that.

  • Sorry did not mean to cause upset its just I had a client from the

    USA who had married a Brit and she told me that in the US she had to choose between food or the doctors when her children were ill

  • Does she have any cognitive problems or is it all physical?

  • Just physical I think

  • Oh that's good.

  • Always good to hear of good experiences with the NHS as the bad news abounds and NHS is under threat. so glad she is getting good care and support.

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