Running water/cold sensation over the brain

I was thinking the other day of the strange physical feelings I had running over the top of my brain and down the back of the skull. They started after my craniotomy operation to clip the Aneursyms in the brain 18mths ago. They stayed with me for 6 mths coming and going. It was like a cold sensation passing over the brain inside the skull in waves. Didn't hurt as such but a bit unsettling. My consultant said some people describe it as running water over the brain. Apparently there is no current understanding of why this happens. Maybe it is just the brain starting to heal itself. Has anyone else had the same feelings?

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  • no what I had was feeling on the skin itching but when I touched the skin on my head it felt like I was touching wood and could not feel my touch

  • Has it got better over time? I was told by my consultant that is was unlikely that I would get full feeling back on the outside of the head where the scar is. 18 mths later that part of my head is still numb.

  • i did when i first woke up but it didnt last long had a word with the consultant who assurd me that it will stop an it did neil

  • Alice, I had exactly the same thing, but when I touched my head I head no feeling!

    Much of the feeling came back after about 6 months but over a year on from op that side of my head is still a bit numb and if I touch where the plates are its still tender!

    Linda x

  • My head on the left side where I had op is still numb, although I get shooting pains that last for a few seconds around the scar. I guess it where the nerves are growing back. It used to be on a daily basis but over time it has got less and less. I know what you mean about the area around the plates - me too! xx

  • i was not opperated on but i had the feeling of shivers under my skull or like little creepy crawlies.. wiered. but it make s us all unique, yey x

  • Actually Yes... I remember the creepy crawlies! x

  • yes to everything thatt's been said only mine lasted about 18 months all over, now 5 years on only a bit, but where the plate is it is very tender and if touched with any pressure is painful, The plate is also sensitive to sun and cold, so I've invested in some rather stylish hats; panamar, 3 pork pie hats, a cap and a wolly hat for windy days.

  • Good for you! Hats really don't agree with me but I have to wear them now or ear muffs as my ear is more sensitive and I have tinnitus, deafness etc! I like to keep my kiddies entertained with my headwear :-) x

  • Stylish solution! Mine plate is on the face just above the eyebrow!! I suppose I could wear a scarf.... :-)

  • did you say tinnitus and deafness??? ditto! ...I love this group for making you feel normal. lol

  • How very true!! ;-)

  • Phew lucky me dont have that

  • i sometimes get a similar type of feeling

    but more like fingers drumming on the top of my skull

    had a partial hydrocephalus 59 years ago

    when 6 months old-no shunt

  • Yes I have a cold feeling on my left side of my head. just like running water . It's only now and again but very worrying

  • I can relate to that feeling of running water on your head! I get that a lot more lately than I ever used to and now following that my head does even more odd painful things that I really hate! Before it wasn't something that was painful only something I dreaded because I couldn't explain it and no one not even doctors would try to make any sense of it for me!

  • Hiyah,

    It has been 4 years now and the feeling did go! I believe for me it was the body getting rid of the air as I had two clippings. Normally the brain would not be exposed to the outside, so that is my explanation! It is a very strange feeling though. Hope everything else is going well. Take care x

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