Christmas is almost here, for me at least

Christmas is almost here, for me at least

So, myself and the baroness had a long chat at the end of last year and came to the conclusion that Christmas is for kids and kids alone. And thus we would no longer buy each other gifts and instead buy 'memories'.

As our favourite band are playing a few stadium gigs this week, we pooled our resources in December and bought a VIP package for the two of us. In a very 'Wayne's World' way, we have passes to the afternoon sound-check, front row tickets to the actual gig and a VIP pass to the after show meet and greet. We are both exceedingly excited and can't wait for Friday.

I'm 46 going on 20 again. Memories beat the heck out of Christmas :)

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  • a good idea! ( we arenot worthy!) lol

  • In the words of the Baroness...

    'We're going to meet the band, and everything!!'

  • Brilliant idea - books for Xmas sit on shelves collecting dust - experiences can provide an opportunity to learn, feel, explore and discover the things you love about the world. Hope music not too loud to disorientate but loud enough to invigorate!

  • I'll dose up on Nurofen before the gig, I'm no novice :)

  • Rock on guys ! Have a brilliant day. ;-) xx

  • Thanks, Cat,

    We'll do our best!

  • Brill idea - have fun

  • Will do, I might even get my tattoos out :)

  • Amazing Andy, what a fantastic idea, have a great time, my son'll be so jealous. His next big thing is Bloodstock in August. What is your favourite band? if you've told us before I'm sorry, memory you know!

    Love Janet x

  • Hi Janet,

    Our favourite band is 'Thunder.' A bluesy rock band.

    Their song 'Love Worth Dying For' was our first dance when we married and I now have the lyric tattooed on my shoulder. I'd post a pic if I knew how to :)

  • My son has said he likes bluesy music so will take a look at them he's not come across them before xx

  • 19 top 40 singles, three top 10 albums (one last year) and yet few people have heard of them.

    A hidden gem

  • : ) x

  • There you go, that's the fella :)

  • I'll pass the info on xxxx

  • Any new fans always welcome :)

  • Excellent ! Enjoy, both : )

    We went to see the Kast off Kinks last week - thankyou for the days, lads : ) x

  • Nice! :D

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