Woohoo, feel very proud :-)

Woohoo, feel very proud :-)

Myself & 2 other ruptured brain aneurysms survivors have nordic walked 102.5 miles, over 4 days, to raise money for the hospital that saved our lives! We have currently raised £9500

I feel blessed to have met such lovely people who I only got to know through healthunlocked, so thank you, this has changed my life and given me confidence to move forward!

Family and friends helped us so much every step of the way, being there with food and encouragement every 5/7 miles, love & hugs to everyone. Linda x

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  • Well done Linda......a brilliant achievement for such a worthy cause & I'm glad you found the experience so enjoyably. :-)

    Sincere best wishes xx

  • Congratulations!

  • lynda wow well done you i managed 5 painful miles in 3 marathons althoughi did raise £8,000 my body didnt recognise the fact and has ben reaking vengence upon me ever since keep up the solid / inspirational recovery neil

  • Well done you! It reminds me of when I went on the inca trail to macchu pichu, it was non-stop walking for 3 days with aches and pains, somehow I managed it, you don't know what you're capable of withstanding until you try it.

  • Thank you everyone, so glad that I was able to do it, my lovely family, who are in the photo with me, helped me so much as did the other aneurysm survivors, they were wonderful xx

  • Congrats that is really something.

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