Hi I have just joined this forum so hello. My hubbie suffered a Ruptured Brain Aneurysm in June 2017 and we have been on a roller coaster ever since. Something I am sure you are are of, very difficult times. We are looking at a full return home in October. Recovery has been hugely positive so far, but our home visit last weekend was quite different, all went very wrong, confusion and agitation set in. I feel the set back is due to a heavy cold starting, does anyone have experience of such a thing really upsetting the recovery process?

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  • It doesn't help. And Hi welcome!

    It's more likely that the change in surroundings has had more to do with it. We all want to get out of hospital as quickly as we can, but hospital is a very safe environment, with a great support network.

    So your husband was probably looking forward to what he hoped would be more like his old life, and then it hits you that you just can't take that backward step very easily, it can mean lots of confusion and upset.

    A lot has changed and the home environment can seem pretty hostile.

    I was encouraged once in rehab to have visits home at weekend, my first one didnt include an overnight stay and the house had to be visited to ensure it was a safe environment for me before even that could happen.

    I looked forward to those visits but also I was pretty glad to get back to rehab on the Sunday evening.

    It will get better though I'm sure.

    Take care

    Janet x

  • Thank you. It is such a huge learning time for all of us and I try to rationalise something that probably cannot be rationalised. This weekend we have another go so hopefully things will be a bit better as I am also better informed and I am aware of things that can go wrong.

  • Hi, when I was still recovering I got tonsillitis and it was awful because a lot of the symptoms are similar eg headaches, tiredness, nausea so everything was doubled. It also made me really stressed as I felt I had enough on my plate already! I went to the doctors and explained the situation and luckily they were able to prescribe antibiotics and within a week the tonsillitis was better and I felt better. I would suggest maybe visiting the doctor in case it's something more than a cold that they could help with and just get loads and rest and drink plenty of fluids! I understand that it's really not the best time at all to come down with things!

  • I'd agree colds etc don't help, I regress if I'm unwell which is much more common now frustratingly. But if this was his first or even a early visit? Then the change is difficult to learn.

    I'm high functioning apparently but only in stuff I know!

  • This was his second four night stay at home- first one the weekend before was brilliant no problems whatsoever, last weekend lots of fear about Nuclear War & tons of anxiety then a full blown cold. Absolutely hates hospital and this week, spends all his time alone in his room, does not eat or sleep and spends a lot of time with his bag packed by the door, it is heartbreaking. I cannot get through to him at all, he has just been mean to me because he does not want to be there. I got so stressed I have clamped my jaw so tight I have nerve damage in my tooth that is how bad it got!

  • Sounds like you need help/support.

    even with the comparatively mild injury I had, I drove my wife potty the first year with attempting to do stuff I couldn't or shouldn't do!

  • Hi, have you had contact with headway and or community neuro rehab team?

    They may have some more coping strategies for you.

    Has he got "things to be doing" @hospital or home. Part of the problem at this sort of stage may be boredom, frustration but not having the brain power to think of things to do. Can you think of things that may be relevant for him perhaps? Cd stories were great for me .....as was having a set routine split into half hour time slots.might be worth devising something like that?

    A cold won't help obviously....

  • Thank you, no at the moment he is doing very little and I think this may be the problem, boredom, frustration etc. I didn't want to overload him as he was ill last week, but will try to find some things for him to help me with this weekend. I did call Headway this morning (the helpline) and they were very helpful. I think the problem is I am very tired after 11 weeks of full on stress so the coping chip is a bit depleted!

  • Adult colouring books, cd stories, motorcycle magazines, sorting old photos......anything that doesn't have a right or wrong.

    Look after yourself too !

  • Sorting old photos brilliant idea!

  • Someone here mentioned the other day about writing often being easier brain wise than speech. A notebook and pen might be helpful.

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