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peters' Stroke Of Luck Part1 amazon kindle

I had a massive stroke2010 I am fighting back I was left paralised had my skull replaced 2011 with plastic then got epilepsy this is my experience of what happened I hope it helps other survivors and carers there is hope. it takes hard work and time writing has helped

peters' Stroke Of Luck Part1 amazon kindle there will be more. Will he recover?

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My dad had a catastrophic SAH last August, still in a rehab unit, still can't walk or talk, he looks like my Dad still, i.e. he isn't wasting away but I don't know what he thinks about it all or indeed if he understands what has happened, without the ability to speak we have on idea. We have tried to encourage him to write or type out words but o no avail. He is the sort of bloke who would fight back if he could but he seems unable to he he's regained some use of both arms, which gave us hope initially but it seemed to stop there. I am eager to read more about your recovery, well doe and vey best wishes


i realy hope your dad recovers more for you and your mom

my heart goes out to you both xx


Thanks so much Biker. I love all your posts and replies, you are a real asset to this site. My mum has had enough to deal with having had her own SAH! I am just thankful Mum has recovered as much as she has, although I know it is difficult for her and she is now having to deal with the aftermath of her bleed. It's just not fair she has to deal with this too. Her and Dad haven't been together for many years now but they remained friends and I know she worries about my Brother and I having to deal with this.


i really do think that sometimes those of us with the injuries have it easier than our loved ones, whilst we can fight this as much as we can, our loved ones have no control over any of it, and have to deal with all the logistical aspects of it

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Don't give up I am still recovering after 3years I have just been to kietherapy and for the first time he has said my triceps have started working I was put in a coma for two weeks I didn't know anything until I woke up.dont give up they told my wife they didn't think I would survive.I won't bore everyone else It is all in my first book Peters' Lucky Stroke Part1 .so it was my first two years experience I have just had friends make a gym and a workshop for my wife which we shareWe had to pay of course which is difficult now I can't work I feel writing means I am helping my wife ,myself and other people. I'm not so lucky my daughter has dumped me for some reason she won't speak or even message now that hurts more than anything.Dont give up please support him I can't promise anything I still can't walk without a stick. I have started my second book from the first day of my gym being finished.If you read it and it helps please tell other people. peter should be Peters' Stroke Of luck part1 case sensitive at amazon kindle I will send him some healing thoughts in my meditation. I always thought that was mubo jumbo but meditation has helped so much a thing called mindfulness all the best Peter


Thank you so much for your reply Peter, I will definitely be reading Peters' Stroke of luck. Just realised how bad my typing was above! X


The fighting spirit is so inspirational for those with doubts and the people who care for & about them. I think it is admired by everyone. I shall be reading about your progress. Good for you, Petehat. x :-)


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