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post concussion syndrom


Hi i was wondering if anyone reading has experienced syndroms from concussions. i have been dealing with conditions that have affected my everyday life for about 3 years now. from the minute i wake up until i go to bed i have this foggy aura about me that makes doing everything i do very difficult. going to the store down the road is challenging on most days. I guess im just looking for a little hope that things will eventually get better. so far the doctors have not been able to do anything to help with the tests and visits ive had. again im just looking for hope that someday my life will return to normal and i can enjoy my everyday living.

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poor you. it must be very hard, especially when they cannot find the cause.Something is not right.Have they gone down the hearing and eyes route as they can affect in ways.I am sure they have. A friend had a lump on his neck which was pressing on something which gave him problems like yours. We are all here for you should you just want to chat. Hugs Lainey.

Sorry to hear about your problems.

Its not easy for any of us with head injuries. I had a head injury 12 years ago in a bad car crash.

A few months back I had a nervous breakdown and this was really scary, suicidal, panic attacks, constant head aches, lost confidence and just really depressed ever since. Iv been on the mend.

Its hard to walk to the shop or do any day to day things. But if you can do anything i think you are doing well. I force myself to the shop and to do other things.

I drank alcohol before the breakdown but now I am off it and have a better diet with better exercise. Also getting ear acupuncture and reiki healing, soon starting yoga and meditation, its not easy to make myself do this but i would advise anyone to try it, its nature. I dont take medication anymore either.

Hope this helps, Good luck buddy...

My husband was in a car accident in June of 2010 and he is suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome. I have learned a lot about this in the last few years but the one thing I can't find anything on is how long it will last :(( I wish I had the answer myself !!

I think the simple answer is that nobody knows...and in some ways this is probably a good thing because if they set a time limit and then it took longer for you it would be disheartening. At the end of the day we are all different and although with brain injuries there are many similarities across the board, how any one person will react/respond cannot be accurately determined.

Over time it is possible to learn ways of coping with and managing the long term effects. Hang in there...

Dear Jeff8613,

I am sorry to hear of your problems, I can fully empathise with what you've described. Sadly there seems to be no simple answer to your question, I've been asking the same for almost six years. My brain injury occured in February 2007 and I have so many problems and symptoms on a daily basis. Most brain injury information I've read mentions that 'most' people tend to notice improvements after two years, sadly though, some people (such as us) seem to have problems way beyond that time period. I've replied to your question, not to be negative, but to reassure you that others do experience the effects on different timescales.

I agree with bluesgrooves about meditation, I found this helps me cope a little better when I have to be out in public environments.

Best wishes.

my daughter age 11 has pcs, and she has had it for almost 2 years, we are in despair now because we think it may be very long term, but she believes that technology and science is moving so fast that there will be an answer one day - so take faith from an 11 year old, have hope recovery will happen one day

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