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I’d never read my ESA report


I know my PIPs assessment was a farce and it’s going to tribunal but I had the ESA assessment and took along my mum and the head of Scunthorpe Headway.

I got the report when my mum was away. I never read through it as it was just causing stress.

My mum came round to mine and read through it to find it all blatant lies.

Let’s hope this goes to tribunal too as it will be very interesting to know the result.

The b***h who wrote it needs sacking

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Morning Spidey. Just the same that I found. After being turned down for PIP for the 4th time, I went for the tribunal. A couple of weeks ago I received a big wad of A4 paperwork. They were the results of the previous claims. There were more than 330 pages telling me absolutely nothing not even what to do next. I suppose it's another ploy to get me to give in. However, I've come this far so I'm sticking at it. Keep at it and good luck. Dave

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Thanks Dave.

I think we are expected to sit on our arses and just vegetate.

Instead I Volunteer a meer 2 hrs a week to show I am some use and meeting ppl is therapeutic

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I know what you mean, but it's more than just head injuries I have trouble with. I have heart disease having had 2 TIAs, epilepsy deafness. I'm seeing 3 neurologists, 2 cardiologists, an electrophysiologist amongst others. There's only one 'ist I don't see and my gender prevents that. I'm told I can walk more than 200 yards ( unless I've just had a seizure), I can cook ( same again, apart from the 2 kitchen fires this year). I have to do it because I live alone and receive no assistance from the state whatsoever. You're spot on, DWP haven't got a clue. Dave

Wow it must be the lady I had , she made me feel like a fake and I would gladly swap her brain for mine

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It was a bloke that came to see me. He never asked about my balance. My cochlear is shattered and 3 brain injuries join to make it very difficult. The results reckon I can stand on one leg. I can't stand on two comfortably!! The only 2 points I was given was for deafness. Total in the right and hearing aid in the left. However, there's absolutely no way I'd change their brain for mine. I'd be worse off. Dave

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