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Disgusted with GP

My partner also suffers with a chronic condition resulting in him having several frequent hospital appointments,

For the past two weeks he has been in agonising pain.Unable to reach his consultant I took him along to our GP.

Explaining the symptoms the GP's response was, and I quote;

'well if I treat the pain it might inflame your condition, so best you put up with the pain'.

I complained and demanded a second opinion, fortunately the second GP was humane and dealt with the problem........24 hours later!

Why Oh why do I feel I am always in battle just to get a service I should have without fighting for it.

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that sounds crap, is he your regular GP?

how can treating pain, inflame a condition?


it is true painkillers can inflame the condition, what disgusted me was that 'pain' was dismissed as something to get one with, without exploring other options. Yes he is one of the regular GP's. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that when our own Gp is absent you see another GP at the practice.

My partner is now receiving the correct treatment, but was in so much pain he just wanted to lay down and die, and for a person of the medical profession not to act on extreme need is to me disgraceful


Sadly many general practitioners are GPs because they are not clever enough to specialise. I was treated for depression for many years before it was discovered I had a brain tumour. Many different GPs and a spell in a psychiatric hospital. I did receive an apology from one psychiatrist.

Your partners treatment was appalling but did not surprise me.


thanks for your support, I was told I was a hypochondriac and send to a psychiatrist after two and a half years of MRI's that detected nothing. Then with renewed vigor I demanded another MRI. only to be told I had a rare tumour that could not be removed now that it was in an advanced stage.

There are good GP's and a lot of crap ones. The only good thing regarding my partner's pain being dismissed by the GP was I was fighting fit enough to deal with it for him


hi brighton,sorry to read you have a tumour..it is quite scary the previous mris did not pick up..at least u still fighting,it encouraging to see the same fight being fought and winning through..you must of fought for that last mri!.good on you. ;}


Oh and re the MRI, apparently prior to 2008 locally MRI's were not double checked


Today finally my partner got to see his consultant; first words were 'why did you not come to see me earlier?'

When the NHS is good it's excellent but when it's bad, it is beyond incompetent


I'm disgusted with my GP, he's an arrogant unsympathetic prick who's seen me suffer over many years going back and forth to him and dismissing every concern I have with quick put-downs. Afterwards he leaves me feeling ashamed that I ever went to see him. To think they have absolute power over decisions relating to our health yet are accountable to nobody for their actions is disgusting.


I find I need to take control sometimes speaking as though I'm speaking to a child. I've even used the phrase ' young man'

My suggestion is go in with a list of everything you want to say AND outcomes and if things do not go the way you feel they should ask why

and remember you can ask for a second opinion


Just visited my new GP here in France ( as moved home in November from the SW to NW) armed with notes of complications/effects of BI and op over here last March, (for which I had no support medical or family, and lost all my local friends here during the year, as they didn't understand emotional:mental effects either); BI followed by fall in May banging head, and car accident ' 4 days after move,and his words yesterday on reading my notes were 'you can talk, you can walk, what is the problem) so yes I did seek a 2nd opinion today - I talked to the Headway Helpline on 0808 800 2244. and have been given some good advice and support; which I will take and action. I wish you and partner well brighton88 and was sorry to read how necessary your actions were. You also Athony.


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