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I had a visit to the GP this week, just routine no major problems. I found it very comforting,

He was pleased to see me, he said I was doing so well. He saw a big improvement since last time I went, I'm not struggling to find the right words so much. He said I must be doing all the right things and not to be so hard on myself. If I don't feel able to do something not to worry, it'll happen just not that day.

So a good message for all of us, it's that patience and time thing isn't it?

He did say to keep on trying, " use it or lose it" .

He finished the consultation with "Well done"

It means a lot to hear comments like that, so I'll keep on with the jigsaws and paint by numbers, the sudoku scandal knitting, and I'll look at the lacemaking and marquetry that I used to do, see if I can resurrect those skills.

I make jewellery now too even if there's lots of near cursing cos my fingers struggle with the fine work, I've made some lovely presents, makes me feel I'm being productive.

So, all is looking good at the moment I have an appointment at the hospital in August, to see if they can explain this feeling of pressure in myhead, but if not, I've lived with it for 3 years, if it doesn't get any worse, I can carry on living with it, I really feel positive about the rest of my life at the moment, as Cat says its acceptance. It comes and goes with me, I'll try to make sure it stays xxxx

Best wishes to you all.

Janet xx

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Hello you. Good to see you so upbeat again and getting on with so many projects.

I'm a fair bit jealous of your GP situation 'cause mine is less than useless. I've only seen her twice since my SAH 3&1/2 years ago (not wanting to be a nuisance) and she hasn't even mentioned the bleed and didn't make eye contact once on last visit. But, like you, I have an upcoming hosp.appt. in a month's time, so fingers crossed.

Anyway, I haven't come here to put the dampers on Janet ; I'm really happy (you know that) to see you're feeling well and positive enough to share it with everyone. ;-)

Keep up the good work m'dear. Lots of love, Eileen xxx


Thank you xxx


Aww, wonderful stuff, a nice, bright, cheery post! Well done you and may the positivity last for a very, very long time!

Always good when you have a GP who is knowledgeable and keeps your enthusiasm on the up. Congratulations go to them too.

You keep on with the puzzles and keep smiling through it all, that's the most important thing.

Best wishes, as always,


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a great post! and indeed well done! you lot are amazing


Thanks Razy, we just do the necessary, but glass is more than half full at the moment xx


Thanks Andy, the positivity has been a bit lacking lately but all is good xxxx


Hi Janet

Well done and congratulations on the progress you've made.

Just out of interest all the things you mention are fairly sedentary are you able to manage any active things like walking?

Keep up the good work and remember to take it easy on yourself.




Hi, I know I do a lot of sedentary things but I do try to go swimming at least twice a week and the local shops are about half a mile away and the local telco is a mile away so I walk when I feel able and not too wobbly, I often get the bus to the local pool then walk home, that's about a mile, eventually I'll walk both ways,

But that was what the GP was alluding to when he told me not to be too rad on myself, I've had a bad few months with my balance and it was stopping me from going out, it's still not as good as it was but I'm just getting on with it, bus or taxi if I really need to.

Love Janet x


I know its a pain trying to get the balance right and you are the one who knows best where the balance is at any given time.

Did you say what the hospital appointment is for or if you could get physiotherapy?

I get the feeling that you think half as mile isn't very far but it may be too far for where your at right now on your journey.

Are you keeping a diary so that you can review what you are doing?

Sorry I'm rambling and must get back to the point ........ Hearty congratulations on your progress.




Hi again, the referral is to see if this feeling I have in my head, like the feeling you get with sinusitis when you are all congested but not confined to my facial sinuses, like my head is going to explode, might be contributing to the balance problems, or just if its normal, dos I've not found anyone who can describe or even says they feel anything like it.

It's worse now than when I was in rehab, and my balance has got worse since February this year, my GP admits he doesn't know enough, so I'm hopefully going to get some help.

Just knowing its normal would help me accept it more, but it is positional, in that it's worse when I'm standing and not there when I'm lying.thats why I find it difficult to walk far consistently. Like us all, I want to get back as near to how I was before, although I do no I'll never reach 100%.

Not bad considering my husband was asked to put DNR on my notes, needless to say he wouldn't let them.

Hope you are faring ok at present xxx



Just to say (typing not very good on this device but) I can get month long headaches that are 24/7 it's like sinusitis and a sensation deep in a part of the head that I never knew I had before brain injury. when I have a hot drink there's a sensation like going up through the middle of my brain. I didn't see the gp about it because eventually all this goes and I can have a long time without it. I can't balance either.

I think it's good that what you experience will now be in your go notes. Good that you had cause to feel positive about the gp visit I know this feeling for me it can be great.

I wish you well


Hi Eleanor,

Thanks for the reply, it's good to hear from someone who might be experiencing something like I do, I've been thinking the feelings may be a form of headache, I don't get normal headaches anymore, since the Encephalitis and I used to get migraines before too but no more.

I've wondered if they could be some form of pressure headache the sensation lessens with paracetamol, so maybe that's it.

I need to reign in the expectation that this next hospital visit will give me all the answers I want, nobody has yet .

I found I was better when we had a cruise last year round the med, more stable weather conditions help so I'm going to throw it all at the so-called experts and hope they listen. I'm spoilt with my GP coz he listens and values my input, it was him who told me I was the only one in their practice that had had this illness, and they were learning from me. So I'm happy to share.

Any how, take care, I'll update the forum with the feedback from the hospital, appointments not til18th August so it'll be a while .

Janet xx



good to read that the gp's are learning from your B I. my old gp saw the type of encephalopathy i had once in 25 years, he seemed interested.

good that you do get some response to paracetemol. ( i saw someone have an IV of this once for quite sevre pain, the nurse said it would work well and surprisingly it worked well on the severity).

my headaches lessen when in a hot shower, i dont know if it is the steam in the atmosphere.

sorry you have this more so than i do! i know it can be a pain (understatement).

best wishes.


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