I got the report back from the face to face meeting I had for PIP.

I took along my Mum (retired neuro nurse) and the lady who heads Hull Headway.

Everything they told her and I told her had been ignored.

She needs sacking. Her title is Nurse. What, Nursery Nurse.

Apparently I must be fine to socialise with strangers cos I scored 0.

The fact I only attend organised events is here nor there. I cant read people and ive ended up getting beaten up on numerous occasions

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  • take up karate then

  • im only jokeing im sorry too hear about your problem dont give up

  • Jog on. I don't need stupid remarks

  • You will definitely appeal I hope.

  • First thing I did was see my MP. I'm not giving up and I WILL win,

    Ive had 3 brain stem haemorrhages and 1 stroke.

    I don't give up

  • Good for you. The trouble is, bi is invisible. People can look so OK, but can have multiple problems that those who don't know them well can't see. I know many people knowing my husband, have no idea that he has so much damage to his brain.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  • spideyman i warned you.

  • Guess whos feeling smug?

    A friend was saying that most get refused and they have to appeal

  • not at all

  • As was said earlier appeals are the final and best way to go. "I hope!". At the moment I'm going for my 4th attempt, and sincerely hope I get a nurse that works with head injuries. I've had 2 haemorrhages, 2 TIAs, I have epilepsy, passing out, nearly setting fire to the kitchen twice, I have heart disease with a stent fitted and had an ablation, and I also have been given extremely low points , because living on my own I do things alone. If this attempt doesn't work the appeal is the final step.

  • Hey spideyman, dont give up. I speak from experience as just won a PIP appeal after taking it to tribunal. On principle it was so so wrong and I to had a, so called nurse (being very polite), for the assessment. I too went to my MPs clinic n got a support letters from various consultants too. After gaining the enhanced rate for both components i have told my MP to increase awerness of brain injuries n hidden disabilities in parliament. My advice is to perservere man, however stressful. Good luck with it all. PX

  • Hi,

    The problem you have come across is quite common. There are very few people in the country whom can assess medical conditions, of those very few want to work for Atos / Capita. Both firms are now hiring in people from anything medical related to undertake the assessment so nurses, ambulance men etc. Whilst these are medically trained and may be great at their day job they are not that well equipped to assess how people cope with their lives day in day out.

    There are two things you could do, appeal and complain. Launching an appeal is more important than complaining at the moment. A complaint will ease your anger but will muddy the water up for what is important - getting your entitlement.

    Something like 75% of all PIP/DLA appeals are successful. Take a look at the benefits and work website where they have great advice on how to complete the form and also how to get a successful appeal.

  • Don't give up friend. You have right on your side. Bloody government really makes me mad. M x

  • The PIP 'application' stage is wrongly named. It should be named the 'let's see how many people we can put off and get off our list' stage. Most people have to apeal. Most people get through the appeal. Just think of this as a screening session with idiots on the other side of the desk who are programmed ti give the wrong answer - because that is (generally) what people experience...

  • Spideyman, I'm so sorry that you have been through such a horrible so called assessment. What dreadful people these organisations have working for them. Why would anyone want a job dedicated to stopping genuine people accessing benefits? I don't know how they sleep at night.

    I hope that you appeal also and I'm glad that you have involved your MP. The benefits and work website is really helpful as sospan mentions.

    Let us all know how things go and sending you best regards. x

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