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The question seems to have disappeared about 12 year old being tired. I am having similar problems with my 13 year old

Someone posted about there child aged 12 being very tired. I have just had my 13 year old daughter referred to Manchester. She has been diagnosed Coeliac for 3 years. Her recent test came back clear. Since September this year she has been very tired, dropping asleep after school and sleeping far too much. Her iron levels are normal, as are her Thyroid etc. She hasn't started her periods yet. One of my daughter has Type 1 Diabetes, so we always check her blood glucose levels and to date they are within the normal range 4-7.

Any idea, suggestions, would be appreciated. Someone also talked about Coeliac "going" during the teenage years. Please could you post the link.

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Has she been checked for Vitamin B12 and Folic acid deficiency.

Before I started my B12 jabs, this is exactly what I was like - I couldn't keep my eyes open and my energy levels were worse than zero - even now, I know when my next jab is due


Hi, I have a list of all the bloods and will check if the B12 has been checked, if not i will ask the consultant when we see him.

Thank you


Hya DP, here's a link the post is locked so you have to be logged in to read it. It's also under Blogs. So it is confusing at first.

Here's the link about coeliac ''going during'' adolescence:

I hope this helps and there are members of GFG who are diabetic so I'm sure they'll have their 2p's worth. And members with much more medical knowledge than me.

I think the main thing is that your daughter has been referred to the hospital and is in the system and that's what counts.



Hi Jerry,

Thank you. takes me a while to pick things up.



I would try to put your daughter on a basic (and totally gluten free) diet for a week and see if you notice an improvement - sometime easier to do when you are on holiday as you are away from the usual temptations and eating is different anyway. You can then reintroduce foods gradually.

If she is suffering from low-level gluten "poisoning" it should become immediately apparent as she should recover and have more energy. Probably worth keeping a food diary - logging what she has eaten/drunk and state of health - it should become obvious if there is a pattern forming.

If the tiredness persists could be a symptom of a deeper problem so probably worth taking the outcomes from the above to the doc.


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