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What If ?

What if you saw your consultant gastro and told them you were having health issues with the gluten free diet?

What if you were referred to a higher Gastro consultant and said "I am having problems with the gluten free diet", so within months a statement is made by the higher consultant "Is well on a gluten free diet", "Is well on a gluten free diet" yes twice. With a Prognosis of "Excellent if he remains on a gluten free diet". Only to find that one ingredient in the gluten free diet was exacerbating a yet undiagnosed condition. See Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

What is your opinion?

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If I knew something didn't agree with me and made me ill I wouldn't eat it. There are plenty of foods mentioned by other people on this site that don't suit them so they eradicate from the diet. This ingredient that you have mentioned is in specialist and free from breads, certain flour mixes and crackers. Perhaps the solution would be to let the manufacturers know how poorly this ingredient makes you feel and the consequences to you when you have eaten it.


My way of thinking is.......if it makes you ill don't eat it.....I read the labels and if it seems ok then I'll try it and if it makes me ill I just don't have it again. I stick to a naturally gluten free diet....meat fish veg fruit....some nuts gf oats now and again....I leave the skin on most veg for fibre. I'm lucky as I can eat rice with no ill effect...... But this still a learning curve for me....if I want to try something new I only try one item at a time to see if I flip on it....

Pretender I'm afraid there no one answer to this.....everybody is different on what they can and cannot two coeliacs are the's a case of trial and error till you find what is right for you.....

But don't get down cause it does get better.....the more food smart you get.....



hi janie i agree with you i cannot have coffie or some cheeses or cloudy drinks helps a lot to on here x


The ingredient that gives me cause to complain is responsible for increased Formaldehyde in the body, along with very high blood pressure, Atrial fibrilation, blood shot eyes with blurred vision, breathing difficulties, pain where it should not be.

It however does answer why I have been ill for seven years without explanation following chemical use in a primary school and not associated with Coeliac Disease.

Bottom line is if you are advised to use a diet and your problems continue do not give up the answer may take time but is out there


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