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Can anyone recommend a gluten-free shampoo? What gluten-free beauty brands work for you?


Have decided to take the extra step of removing gluten from the toiletries I use, as it seems logical to me to do so, even if opinion is currently divided on this issue. I am particularly keen to source a gluten-free shampoo and conditioner, as one problem that has yet to respond to my gluten-free diet is my dry and itchy scalp.

As I have only been eating gluten-free for a couple of months, it may well be that I am expecting too much too soon, but I really want to do all that I can to speed my recovery.

I'd love to hear from other coeliacs about what products they use and would recommend, and whether they feel it has made a positive difference.

Also, how do you go about finding out whether your moisturiser or shower gel contains gluten? Is it best to contact the manufacturer or is it safe to rely on labels, the internet, or the opinions of shop staff?

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I use Johnsons baby shampoo and conditioner- other shampoos give me migraines and even avoiding the ones with gluten in doesn't give 100% success rate. I never let the hairdresser wash my hair - I do it before I go (always got a migraine each time). Makeup (I don't wear much/often)....been happy with Clarins, but you have to check each product. There are some gf makeup ranges but if you want to see stuff in shops ask to see the full list of ingredients for anything you are interested in. When reading the list be patient and don't stop paying attention until you get to the end of the long boring and minutely printed list!

Thanks, LoisParker, the baby shampoo is a good idea, and also not too expensive to try - although I'll have to check what their policy is on animal ingredients and testing to make sure they're vegan-friendly.

Like you, I don't bother much with make-up, but I do use moisturiser and body lotion daily, so am trying to ascertain if my current products are gluten-free. At the moment I use Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect on my face and Dead Sea Spa Magik on my body, so if you, or anyone else, knows anything about either brand, I'd be most interested!

Thanks again for your help.


Dove is also good

Most products made by The Green People are both gluten and wheat free. They do several shampoos, of which so far I have tried one. They are very long lasting!

Dr Organic Coconut oil Volumising Shampoo, tried it tonight and love it x

i use faith in nature after having terrible reactions to other well known brands expensive but worth it

Hi guys, I use Dr Oraganic Manuka Honey with the conditioner from Holland&Barett and they are very good. Also I used Dr O with dead see mineral shampoo and its very very good as well

Thank, everyone, for replying. It's great to have some idea of what to try.

Incidentally, have you found product labelling to be clear and accurate? Or have you had to do additional research to ensure a product is gluten-free?

Thanks again for all your help and support.

Some Organix products are gluten free - the blue Argan one, and the brown Brazilian keratin one. i have a feeling that the coconut conditioner is not gf but the shampoo is . They are regularly on 3 for 2 at Boots or on promotion at Tescos so not as expensive as they initially appear. Both products are also really thick so they last ages.

I find the Dove Pro-Age shower cream is good & is also moisturising so avoids that tight dry feeling.

I use Green People for washing and other skin products, they do a non perfumed range if you are very sensitive

On the few occasions I use make up I go for Bare Essentials minerals.

I also had a dry, itchy scalp. Coconut oil helped with this, along with eliminating as much sugar as possible from my diet.

I really like Avalon Organics Clarifying Lemon. I spent ages hunting for a sulfate free brand that didn't leave my hair greasy looking, but it's also gluten free as far as I can tell! It is a bit pricy (£6 a bottle) but a little goes a long way, and it lasts about 4-6 months. You buy it in Holland and Barratts.

I've had a lot of compliments on how good/healthy my hair looks since I started using it. Only thing is, we're a soft water region - I know different shampoos differ in effectiveness depending on water type.

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