Update on hospital appointment

Well I saw the consultant on Monday I'd written out my history and familys history 're stomach problems celiac disease hiatus hernia and ulcers the consultant thinks I have a irritable bowl made worse by wheat /gluten sensitivity and advise I stick to a gluten free diet,however he's also booked me in for a biopsy on Christmas eve morning.

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  • HI PET LAMB the problem is were all falling to bit wow you have got some major problems there hope all goes well take care Alan xx

  • Thank you Alan,these aren't all my problems but there in the family my sister her son and grandson are confirmed celiac,my dad suffered for years with ulcers my son and 2 sister's have hiatus hernia and I've always had stomach problems that i now know could be celiac or wheat intolerance, I only made the connection while researching my autoimmune hashimotos I also have arthritis. I read you're recent post I'm sorry you're suffering so much I hope the tablets are helping take care.

  • hi Pet lamb of my many illness one i've have out of that lot is a hernia which i've had operated back in 97/97 4 times and i've still got it today awaiting for the 5th time for it to be operated on but i must get to 15 stone to have it done, i hope all goes well on thursday 24/12 i'm at hospital in the morning for my three yearly mot for my sleep apnoea to be checked take care Alan

  • Hi! If you remove the gluten from your diet, your biopsy might be negative.

  • Hi podundee I'm eating normal foe now,only went GF free for 3 weeks to do an elimination challenge.that ended 8 weeks ago so hoping 10-11 weeks back on normal food should be ok.

  • Christmas Eve morning, at least you can still make it to the carol service.

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